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    jack jin reacted to Video Hummus in Idolise Trump? Goodbye!   
    I say ban all political discussion with a 15 days cool off ban for people who engage in it regardless of views. The next infraction gets a 30 day ban and the one after that is a lifetime ban.
    Just my 2 pence.
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    jack jin reacted to Volumetrik in Idolise Trump? Goodbye!   
    @Mike Mgee I think intelligent political discussion still has its place. However intelligent political discussion and forums don't really mix well from my experience. It can start well, but as soon as some bad apples come into the mix, it sours the discussion for everyone else.
    Andrew, I think what you are doing is fine. After all, it's your forum. No one here registered without knowing that you run the show, your name is on the banner after all ! 
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    jack jin reacted to Mike Mgee in Idolise Trump? Goodbye!   
    @Andrew Reid Instead of creating a list and banning people who don't have the same behavior, characters, and values as you.....how about you have a blanket ban against all political discussion?
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    jack jin reacted to Video Hummus in ENTRY VIDEOS: Find the best video quality for under $200 - fun EOSHD Challenge   
    They must really want someone’s Fisher Price camcorder than. 
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    jack jin reacted to Jordan Drake in Organic looking Panasonic S1 footage   
    I'm cutting an entire DPRTV episode shot on the S1 with 10 Bit 4:2:0 HLG. Not doing anything overly demanding, but I'm finding it has a really nice, organic look. You can all let me know what you think when it goes up this weekend.
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    jack jin reacted to PannySVHS in Panasonic S1 4K 10bit video mode to be present at launch with Hybrid LOG Gamma   
    Please full VLOG curve and gamut with possibility for NR dialed off and ALL Intra for HD and 4K!
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