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  1. LOL...Uh no. It will not blend Thanks for that. That is one of the most amusing things I have read in a while! OMG. I hadn't seen that before. That is amazingly funny. Thank you.
  2. Kisaha, I have a P6K sitting here at the office. If there is anything that people would like to know, please let me know. I will try to answer it. Here is some new P6K footage: and Tom Antos put out a YouTube video about the P6K that is pretty good as well.
  3. Skip77 Nice job DEFLECTING. You said QUOTE: "Cine cameras don't have shutter speeds as they have shutter angles." Which, as I pointed out, is not correct. Period. I then showed you a screen shot of the rear of a P4K, clearly showing both Shutter Speed and Shutter Angle as options. A couple of us tried to help you understand that shutter angle and shutter speed refer to the same thing. Rather than admit that you made an error, you ignored that fact and rambled on about other stuff. That is the only thing from your post that I mentioned. You are really quick to say that others are wrong, but I haven't seen you admit when you are wrong. Why is that? There are many *really* experienced people on here who would be happy to help you learn something if you stopped being difficult and listened. Are you just trying to be disruptive or are you just another millennial that thinks that you know everything? It appears to me that you have a bad case of the Dunning-Kruger effect. ======= To everyone else. My apologies for derailing the thread. I am going back to work and ignoring this nonsense. I certainly don't have time to participate in some troll fest. Here is a video for Skip77. If he doesn't think that it is hilarious, that tells me everything that I need to know
  4. Uhh....you do realize that shutter speed and shutter angle are both just different ways of expressing the exact same thing, right? Some cameras even allow you a choice in which of the two that you display on your screen. Like, oh, I don't know...the P4K and the P6K. If you want to convert shutter speed to shutter angles at 24 fps the math is: (24 x 360) / Time Fraction So, 180 degree shutter angle = 1/48 270 degree shutter angle = 1/32 90 degree shutter angle = 1/96 Photographers usually talk in terms of the shutter speed, while the video people talk in terms of shutter angle.
  5. I haven't paid super close attention to this yet, but I would imagine that the P4K and the P6K would have very similar or identical "motion cadence" as they are using the same image pipeline (other than the sensor). Perhaps the slightly larger sensor will have a small impact. I am setting up a time now with a couple of my guys to go play with the P4K vs. P6K. I will ask their thoughts on the matter. Here is something on motion blur for Skip77 start at 3:23 if it doesn't start on its own
  6. LOL! I love it. Remind me to check my TV if I ever have you over to my house That reminds me of the first time that I purchased a 4K TV a few years ago. I had a very strong reaction to it and disliked the image. It came turned to a setting like that where it looked really "videoish". As soon as I turned that setting off (I forget what it was called) I was much happier.
  7. I don't understand. You seem to want a camera that you can "just pull it out of the box and shoot...", but then you say BM should go to a ZCAM box design. None of the ZCAM box cameras can be used "out of the box". Having several P4Ks and a P6K, I assure you that you *can* pull it out and shoot without accessories. You will need several batteries, but batteries are cheap. My P4Ks have paid for themselves many times over and will continue to do so. If someone wants a cam where they can just open the box and start filming, grab one of the hybrids like, GH5, XT3, etc. and go to town. Many of the hybrid cameras are fantastic (but don't offer RAW). All of my P4Ks have a cage and a Sony NP970 battery sled. They now get 2+ hours of run time and the battery life is no longer an issue. You can also get the Tilta cage. Their handle allows you to load a Sony NP battery in the handle. This also gives you a nice stable foundation for handheld usage. Would I rather have a camera that got great battery life with the internal battery? Certainly. The GH5/GH5s constantly amaze me at how well they perform and how long they last on a battery. With that said, I added battery grips to all of my GH5 & GH5s cameras to increase their battery life as well. The P4K battery life is poor compared to some of the hybrid cameras, but the battery life is good compared to many of the cinema cameras. The P4K & P6K give you amazing image quality and the ability to capture 12-bit RAW in an affordable package. The downside is that the battery life is like those Sony cams from a few years back To me, carrying more batteries or adding an external battery is a small inconvenience for the benefits. By the way, the Sony NP batteries and the battery sleds that will connect to the P4K & P6K are cheap. This is a really inexpensive upgrade.
  8. LOL...I agree, *but* I can't talk because I did the same thing. I impulse purchased the P6K when it was announced. Over the weekend, I did more research and can't decide if I really need a 6K version of my P4Ks. Luckily, I have been busy and haven't even opened the P6K box yet. I am sure that I will keep the P6K , but it does have a few "features" that make it an interesting decision.
  9. Another option: The Olympus 12-100 f/4 is a *great* all around lens, albeit, not as bright as I would like. It isn't small, but it almost never comes off my camera.
  10. To be honest, I did not see the P6K coming. I received mine yesterday and haven't even had time to open the box yet. I am curious about using it along side the P4Ks with and without boosters. But after seeing the P6K, you *know* there is a P8K coming just as soon as BM can get a sensor (full frame?) that has the appropriate specs and makes the ~3500 price point. They already have the EF mount and there should be enough room in the body for the larger sensor. I bet the P8K is out inside 15 months at $3495. What do you guys think? Also, I got a huge kick out of the fact that Blackmagic had it in stock the DAY it was released at the major dealers. I got mine from B&H. That will teach us to talk smack about Blackmagic's legendary lack of timeliness (or not.... )
  11. But you get those cool green skin tones with some of the Sony cameras. Isn't *that* cool?? Now that Sony is moving more toward their Venice colors, they are going to be tough to beat...
  12. Frequently, a larger sensor is better in low light, but much of the gain is a result of the larger sensor usually having larger photosites (e.g. A7SII, GH5s). Better lowlight performance is one of the reasons why many of the smart phones are going to larger and larger sensors, but the megapixel count isn't drastically increasing anymore. In the case of the P4K vs. the P6K, the sensor on the P6K is a little larger (23.1mm x 12.99mm VS. 18.96mm x 10mm), but they also increased pixel count on the P6K. In this case, the photosites on the P6K end up being smaller (~19%) than on the P4K. Based on just this aspect, I would expect the P4K to perform slightly better than the P6K. I know from the charts released by BM that the P6K has slightly more dynamic range below ISO 1250 (P6K: 13.3 vs. P4K: 13.1), but above ISO 1250, the P4K has slightly better dynamic range (P6K: 12.1 vs. P4K: 12.3). I imagine that in a blind comparison, you couldn't tell them apart. I am a little surprised that the P6K drops from 13.3 stops of dynamic range down to 12.1 @ ISO 1250. I suppose that I will have to be a little bit more careful to keep the ISO in the 100-1000 range on the P6K. @JordanWright Having both the GH5 & the GH5s, the GH5s is at least a couple of stops better than the GH5. With the GH5, I try to max out at 1600 on video. The GH5s looks about the same around 10,000. The GH5 is 20.3 Megapixels (17.3mm x 13mm) vs. the GH5s is 10.28 Megapixels (17.3mm x 13mm) so the GH5s has much larger photosites. I think that the sensor in the GH5s is also a newer model from Sony with some technical improvements. I am sure that you already know this, but for everyone else's benefit, we call the pixel size the: Pixel Pitch Pixel pitch is the distance from the center of one pixel to the center of the next measured in micrometers (µm). It can be calculated with the following formula: Pixel pitch = sensor width in mm / sensor resolution width in pixels × 1000 The GH5s has a pixel pitch of 4.68 micrometers. The P4K is ~4.6 micrometers & the P6K is ~3.76 micrometers. The larger the pixel pitch, generally the better the low light performance.
  13. The sensor on the P6K is smaller than the one in the Ursa 4.6, so maybe that will work on the P6K. Thanks for letting me know about that option. That is something to watch. I would be sad that I could no longer use my Sigma 18-35 or the Canon 17-55 after installing the adapter, but that does sound like an interesting option.
  14. This may not work for everyone, but I have bought more than one Metabones adapter on eBay for around $400-500. Much of the money that you spend on a Metabones can be recovered when you move on from needing it. I certainly am a fan of not messing with a speed booster, but there is no denying that the P4K + the Metabones (and other) adapters are a great combination. You gain around a stop of light and your field of view gets wider, even wider than Super35. I think that Super35 is the sweet spot for video, not "full frame" sensors. The larger the sensor, the less depth of field, which causes lots of problems with video, particularly run/gun and corporate type work. I want to separate the subject from the background, I don't need to obliterate it @Kisaha I agree. We also shoot tv shows, commercials, music videos, etc. using M43 sensor cameras (P4K, GH5, GH5s, etc.) without concern about the sensor size. People seem to forget that the camera is a *small* part of the overall gear budget. Skip, if people are so price conscious where the Metabones is a problem, they should probably not buy the P4K, P6K, any of the Z-Cams, etc. anyway. With all of those cameras you will be spending an amount probably equal to the cost of the camera just to equip it where you can use it on a production (cages, batteries, etc.). If someone is price conscious and they are asking me for a camera recommendation, I usually suggest that they pick up a GH5, Fuji XT3, or one of the Sony cams, like the 6400. Those will get you shooting video basically right out of the box, with minimal extra expenditures. I believe that the point that @Kisaha was trying to make (and I agree) is that the cost of the camera is small relative to the rest of the gear necessary to do more professional work (sound & lighting can be expensive too, Skypanels are almost $6K each...). I have a silly amount of money tied up in gear to do what we do, and I am not running around with crazy expensive cameras like some of the bigger budget productions use (movies). I think that we are all looking for gear that gives us great quality images at affordable prices.
  15. @Skip77 "Sucks for P4K owners" Why exactly? This is a complementary camera for the P4K, not a replacement. In many ways, the P4K is *better* than the P6K. Here are just a few of the ways the P4K is better than the P6K: The P6K files are more than *double* the size of the P4K files. The P6K is 323 MB/s vs. the P4K at 135 MB/s (at highest recording rates) Many people have trouble with their computers and workflow editing 4K footage. 6K footage is going to crush their dreams The P6K can not record 4K or DCI 4K footage in BRAW, only ProRes. The P4K + Speed booster gives you an extra stop of light and a field of view wider than Super35. The P6K field of view (crop) is less than Super35, despite Blackmagic calling it a "Super35" sensor. The P6K has a diagonal crop of 1.63 vs. 1.39 for Super35 relative to a 36mm x 24mm "full frame" sensor. Based on sensor width, the P6K is 23.10mm vs. 24.89mm for Super35, so the crop based on width is P6K: 1.56 vs. Super35: 1.45. So, based on width, the P6K is close to Super35 size. The P4K + 0.71x Speed booster has a width based crop factor of 1.35, wider than Super35. I will be researching this next week, but I suspect that the P4K + Speed booster will do better in low light than the P6K. Cost: The P4K costs $1295, the P6K costs $2495. The P4K has a better lens selection because most lenses can be adapted to the Micro 4/3 mount used by the P4K, including the EF lenses used on the P6K. I have a P6K that will arrive tomorrow. I have no intention of replacing all of my P4Ks with P6Ks, even though I could easily do so. They will work together and make an excellent team as they should cut perfectly together with each other.
  16. Oops, you are right about the crop. I was thinking the M4/3 crop as 2, not the crop factor of 1.9 from the P4K (based on relative sensor width). Super35 is normally a 1.39 crop, not the APS-C size of 1.5-1.6, so the P4K with a speedbooster is 1.9x0.71 = 1.349 is slightly wider than Super35 and the 0.64x booster is even wider. As to image quality, I am very curious about this as well. I am going to be comparing the P6K vs. the P4K with my 0.71x speedbooster next week. I suspect that there will be little to no difference. I also think that the P4K + booster will be better in low light. I can't imagine that the P6K is one stop better than the P4K, given that the P6K has smaller photosites. If BM had used a "true" Super35 sized sensor (~1.39 crop), then maybe the P6K would be >=, but they used an APS-C sized sensor (which they are calling Super35...)
  17. I picked up a P6K (arrives Monday) to go along with my 3 P4Ks (and others). I guess I am a fan of Blackmagic (and Panasonic). I hadn't thought this through until after I purchased the P6K, but there are a couple of things with the P6K that I am going to have to consider: The P6K files are more than *double* the size of the P4K files, when recording BRAW. I wonder how well my existing systems (computers, storage, etc.) can handle this change. You can't record DCI4K or 4K on the P6K, unless you record ProRes. I will now be forced to transcode the files to resize them or I will lose the benefits of BRAW. The photosites are apparently smaller than on the P4K, so I wonder about the impact on low light performance. It seems like the P6K has a little more latitude in the highlight regions. I guess that I will have fun testing (avoiding work) next week
  18. The thing that gets me is that you are telling the same story, over and over, just with different people. They are also expecting many of the same shots (e.g. bride walking down the aisle), so your ability to be creative is limited. I have several friends who are very talented wedding videographers, but I am not sure that I could do it long term. I have an edge because we live broadcast events, so I generally just give the bride the live footage without much/any editing @Mattias Burling many people say they will skip the wedding video, but end up getting one anyway (bride's request) because it is a great way to capture some of the highlights of the day. Many people want to remember that day...
  19. The field of view will bit a bit wider with a P4K + Speedbooster. The crop with a P4K + Speedbooster = 1.28 (0.64x) or 1.42 (0.71x) vs. a standard super35 crop of 1.5-1.6. The P6K sensor is larger and is able to capture 6K raw images and some faster frame rates than the P4K. Most everything else is very similar / same. Also, I have seen comments to the effect that a 6K image downsampled to 4K makes up for the Bayer pattern and will produce a "true" 4K image. So, theoretically the P6K image may be a bit better than the P4K. Plus, you get bragging rights, since many people bash the P4K because it *only* has a M4/3 sensor. They won't be able to say that about the P6K (/sarc)
  20. It does seem a bit odd to me, but the Blackmagic site lists the dimensions for *both* cameras to be the exact same: 7" wide x 4" deep x 3.8" tall https://www.blackmagicdesign.com/products/blackmagicpocketcinemacamera/techspecs/W-CIN-15 The weights are: P6K: 1.98 lbs P4K: 1.59 lbs
  21. Well, we now have two cameras: P4K & P6K. I am sure that there will be questions specific to the P6K, so perhaps two threads? Like: P6K - is the HDMI output only 1080p like the P4K?
  22. @BTM_Pix LOL...ok. I will stick to a hybrid photo cam that can do video, instead of relying on my cine cam that might/maybe/sort of be able to take photos I actually don't think that I have even tried to take a photo with the P4Ks. I have taken some photos with the GH5s. It does an acceptable job, as long as you are targeting social media, but it is much more a photo cam hybrid at heart than the P4K. With the way tech is moving, I am sure that my dream hybrid camera isn't too far off.
  23. Until someone comes out with the perfect hybrid cam w/raw, It works best for me to have both a dedicated cine camera and a hybrid. I have the GH5, GH5s, & P4K (with the 6K on its way). For run/gun situations, I grab the Panasonics. For other projects, I grab the P4Ks. I really enjoy recording in raw and the flexibility that brings, so I grab the P4Ks when I can. Since I am doing several projects per week, BRaw has turned out to be helpful (Small file sizes + flexible editing). I am beginning to feel the urge to replace my GH5, so I am considering replacing the GH5 with the S1. I seem to be headed toward an S1 + P4Ks (or P6Ks depending upon how they perform). To me, that seems like a great setup, at least for the next 2-3 years. Being able to share EF lenses across bodies would be a nice option. I deliver everything in 4K, so having the ability to downsample (or crop) from 6K would be useful to me. I am very intrigued that the P6K shoots ~20MP still images. I am sure that it will be clunky at taking photos, but I shoot something like 95% video 5% photo. I wonder if it will be useable as a photo camera. Does anyone know if the P6K still outputs only 1080p over the HDMI port, like the P4K?
  24. I have two of my original P4K cameras that should be able to be downgraded to the firmware that allows CDNG (I haven't tried). I prefer the flexibility of BRAW and don't care about CDNG for my work. I am happy to sell one or two of my P4Ks if anyone is interested. (I have three of them)
  25. I bought 3 P4Ks when they first came out, received sometime around last Oct. One of the three had a screen failure (glitching). They tried to repair it, then replaced it. I haven't had a single problem since. Very happy with them. Just ordered the 6K too.
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