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  1. Same problem here, iMac (Retina 4K, 21.5-inch, 2017) Radeon Pro 560 4 GB, the blacks on h.265 are crushed compared to h.264. I have not found a solution.
  2. I have a problem on my new X-T3, a "Stuck Pixel" white dot visible in dark areas of the image, like this: Appears only in the video and not in photos, does any of you have the same problem?
  3. Someone can put "HLG to ALEXA X2 LUT" to download
  4. Hi guys, do you have problems with the Xt3 and dead pixels? I have a dead pixel (white dot) that is visible in the video especially in the shadows, unfortunately pixel mapping works only in photo mode, I think fujifilm should implement pixel mapping in video mode
  5. I wrote to fujifilm to add 2.35:1 framing guideline, do you too guys, if we are many maybe they add it with a software update: https://contact.fujifilm.com/cgi-bin/mail/form.cgi/contact_tokyo_headquarters
  6. Is the same, I think is a Mac problem
  7. Done, but nothing happened, I do not have a windows computer to see if it's just a Mac problem with h.265(HEVC), in the Display / Viewfinder of the camera I see more like h.264 than the h.265 that once imported on the mac is much darker and contrasted
  8. Thanks for the reply, I don't use Premiere Pro, I use Davinci Resolve and the h.265(HEVC) is much darker, there is a solution on Mac?
  9. Hi all, do you know why the h.265(HEVC) is darker than h.264 on the X-T3? In the Display / Viewfinder of the camera are the same, but on the monitor of my Mac I see the h.265 darker, more contrasted than h.264
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