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  1. I will use a Zoom H5 and might pick up a NTG4 but may use a NT2A as well. I need to get the NT2A for some music recording before I get a NTG4 or silimar shotgun mic, but I might not need a shotgun except when I need to zero in on one sound in particular. The NT2A is propably the most versatile mic in existance. Plenty of people use it for ambient sounds. I dont know how well its recieved in the videography world but in the music world its considered the best all round mic without having to spend an extra $1,500 to go one level up in quality. At $200 its a steal for what it is. Sorry, rambling, I love microphones and can talk about them all day. Guitars too. Back to the point. It would be ideal to mount the H5 and mic to the rig but not absolutely neccessary as I will stop filming to record a nice sound to lay over the video with a few real time clips (boots on rock) in between. Mounting would make it easier.
  2. Thanks for both of your replys, its very helpful. The aesthetic I am going for is capturing the beauty of the hike with relaxing nature sounds (stream, occasional boots on rock, the birds and wild life, no heavy beathing). I want that floating flying feel over the foot step jitter, but also capture a natural looking gain of elevation as you take a big step up. Its not a mountaineering climb but you do have to watch foot placement.
  3. I should also mention that I have owned a Burton (snowboard) backpack with great success. BUT, MTB is alot more abusive to backpacks than snowboarding/skiing. All that dirt, rock, mud and what have you goes directly from your rear wheel to your backpack. So if it can survive that, then it can survive anything.
  4. I am also in the same boat. Looking at something more on the adventure side for the mountains. So far every camera bag from a photography company just sucks imho. Was looking at the trekker the other day and it took me 10 seconds to put it back on the shelf. Why cant they figure out a decent harness system? So far I have narrowed my choice down companies that specialize in the outdoors. Since they know that the harness and frame are the most important aspects for a decent backpack. All day comfort, back can breath, weight evenly distributed. Burton (zoom, Fstop) and EVOC (35L) are on my shortlist. Burton looks like better value, but I have an EVOC MTB backpack that has seen 5 years of total abuse in every weather and if I clean the grit off it looks like new and may last 10 more years. But the price aint easy. Last option is just a decent hiking bag (good harness, frame) with a camera bag inside. But that wont be easy to pull out your gear. I am going to have to be REALLY nice to the wife to get the EVOC. But I believe in buying quality as you only have to buy it once. But the price aint easy. https://freehubmag.com/articles/evoc-cp-35l-camera-pack-review
  5. The shot will be as if the viewer were hiking. No other person. Yes I will have to walk and film this trail thats quite rocky and uneven. Something where you have to pay attention even without filming. So balance and fatigue is in the equation. Glide cam looks good but quick to fatigue. Shoulder rig looks better for fatigue but worse for balance??? By balance I mean me and not the rig. Again this trail is not easy even just hiking. One eye on the camera and the other for the ground and rocks that may trip me.
  6. They said 7th of Jan. one day before the CES show. So they (panny guys) better start trying to find the casino exit ASAP. But your right, could take days, even with a search and rescue team. Oh look, another black jack table.
  7. Panasonic is supposed to make an anouncement today, Las Vegas time. Fingers crossed.
  8. I have a project coming up in early summer where I need to film a long section of hiking in the Alps. I need a nice smooth shot but also somewhat natural looking as it should be POV. I have researched every gimbal out there and am afraid of not only the % of lemons but more scared of the CS from these Chinese firms. (Would make a great horror flick). I'm not ready to travel down that rocky road yet, maybe. I believe I may get better (or least amount of headaches) from a glidecam or a shoulder rig with a lot of weight hanging off of it. Or would a simple hand held cage work? The POV would be nice as it makes the viewer feel like they are the ones hiking, but not required. Please help. And no body vests, this hike wont be easy. Camera: looks like it will be a GH5 or S1 whenever it gets released. Gopro is not good in the forest light. Thanks.
  9. 100% agree. The camera is a tool, the artist is the behind the camera. I have been out shooting with my EOS 500D. I plan on practicing my Mlogs and such on my other cameras until I get my act down then use something better for the final product which most people will watch on youtube in 480p ?. That said, it just seems like the Pannasonic S1 looks like a FF GH6 regarding rumored specs. So where will a MFT GH6 fit in?? All in all I dont really care about the camera body, its the lens system thats most important to me. My eye and the cameras eye are the most important parts of the equation. I'm willing to spend two or three times more on the lens than the camera. But I do love those wide angle shots of the mountains and a FF does that better. But I have to hike there and a MFT does that better. Its all about finding the best compromise.
  10. So basically save my cash and keep doing it the way I've always done it. Perfect. I thought maybe they were something ground breaking. And this article confirms that point of view.
  11. Yeah I was sort of drooling over the Leica Nocticron 42.5mm F1.2 at about $1K more than the Lumix 42.5mm F1.7. My brain says Lumix, my heart says Leica. My goals are music/vlogs (Mlogs??) in the nature up in the mountains and also some campfire storytelling. I do think the FF S1 would be perfect for those low light campfire stories plus the wide angle and panorama views of the mountains but I need some help here. I'm just getting back into shooting after taking a few years off to raise two hellions, lol. I still have an assortment of compact cams, gopro 1, and a 500D thats not the greatist for videos but it takes decent photos. I also still have a Canon AE-1 (film will make a comeback, am I right?? No? Ok) and a few lenses but nothing too special. Just need to figure out this whole GH5 vs S1 thing. Project starts in April or so. The S1 should be out by then and until then I have enough to get the feeling back before I start buying. This new tech is over my head ATM but I will catch up. So, in my situation, whats better for ME? MFT or FF? Many thanks. Oh, and I do plan to use the new camera to take photos as well.
  12. Sorry to bring up an old thread but with panny releasing the S1 and S1R FF L-mount what is to become of MFT? I'm looking into investing into some good lenses but dont want to buy something that looks like it might be on the way out or am I wrong? I was all set on getting a GH5 as well but I think I will sit on the sideline a bit and wait and see.
  13. Hello all, new to the forum and just wanted to ask a quick question before I ask a hundred more. Whats your favorite MFT macro lens for the GH5? Thanks for any tips.
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