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  1. Any more results/experiences from people owning the MBP 16"? Looking to buy one soon, not sure whether to geth 32 or 64 gigs and whether the 2.4 vs 2.3 8-core makes a sizeable difference in DaVinci. Graphics of course maxed out..
  2. Anyone here have the new 16" MBP already? Could you run the Blackmagic RAW Speed Test and post your results together with your configuration here? Would be super helpful in making an informed purchasing decision. Thanks in advance!
  3. What are people thoughts about how the GPU will perform with Davinci Resolve? Not familiar with these new AMD chips.
  4. BTM_Pix, great find! HG-11 is the handgrip, coming it at roughly 60 USD, while HG-21 is a much larger one for about 100 USD LVF-11 is the LCD viewfinder attachment for roughly 300 USD BPL-11 is a very small baseplate CN-21 and SAC-7P are DC and AC battery adapters, while BC-71 is the battery charger, strange, that these wouldn't be included. CR-41 is a remote trigger, maybe more useful for photography. Would be really interested in the lens adapter pricing, MC-31 (PL) and MC-21 (EF) images can be found here btw
  5. Kisaha, check the link I posted, its pretty safe to say the FP will launch at 1899 USD, so closer to the 4k than the 6k which will make things interesting for sure..
  6. Seems like the 1899 price point is hidden on Sigma's official website as well: https://www.reddit.com/r/photography/comments/ddyey1/sigma_fp_pricing_1899/ Really interesting to see where all the accessories are going to come in at, eg the viewfinder, PL-Mount etc.
  7. Hey guys, I have been reading through this thread and I am still looking for a lightweight charging option. I stumbled across this dual battery pack from Tilta for two 18650 batteries. It says it will provide 8v through the dc output, which should be enough to power the camera if attached to a dummy lp-e6 to dc barrel battery? Or am I making any mistakes here? Not particularly set on the Tilta pack, but in terms of price and mounting options it seems to be the best one for 18650 batteries I have seen so far, or do you have other recommendations? Best, Paul
  8. Where are people in Europe ordering this camera? Any leads on low wait times?
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