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  1. 22 hours ago, HockeyFan12 said:

    Thanks. I like how the skin tones look. 

    Appreciate the kind words. A lot credit goes to our DP and colorist. They both did excellent jobs. Our colorist actually reached out to the colorist from Moonlight for some colorspace info which was really helpful in locking down the final look.

  2. 10 minutes ago, webrunner5 said:

    Oh I like the output a lot. But it would have helped with the noise some also. But it takes a long time to learn a new camera, and even then if you change to some other completely different shooting agenda then it is new territory all over. No easy way to do anything shooting, unless it is the same O same O thing every time.

    For sure, brother.

  3. 1 minute ago, webrunner5 said:

    If you don't ETTR I am sure that would be the result. No surprise there. Probably gain 1 stop, 1 1/2 stops pushing it +1 to the right.

    Yea that's what I saw in a lot of test videos before we got the camera. However, when we were doing our camera tests before, ETTR did something weird to the skin tones of our actors that our DP didn't like. One of our main actors has really dark rich skin and we definitely wanted to preserve the fidelity of that. But you live and you learn. All in all I think the images came out solid. 

  4. 1 hour ago, HockeyFan12 said:

    Nice work.

    Were you also the DP? I noticed these are very noisy, but that's not a surprise with a Canon. 

    They seem to be exposed traditionally, as film would usually be exposed, rather than exposed to the right as digital often is. The most experienced shooters on this forum usually prefer ETTR with digital (and it's proven to work well with the Red Dragon, which is also very noisy), but I'm stuck in my old ways.

    I was curious how you or your DP exposed these. What ISO in camera, what ISO he rated the camera at. 800/800? Exposed through the camera's meter? Or with an incident meter (generally how I still work)? They look good, but are also exposed differently from most C200 clips I've seen, which usually look overexposed, so I wanted to ask. Thanks.

    Just waiting on a price drop and I think I'm going to buy one of these cameras. 


    No, I wasn't the DP. My homie Jeremy Brockman was the DP (Instagram @brockfeb). We shot entirely at 800 but either exposed right on the nose or underexposed about quarter to a half stop give or take. He definitely intended to do that. After production he did say that when he looked back at the raw stills (since raw has no noise reduction) that he probably would've tweaked that in some shots. 

    Also, our colorist said that he made the right choice because the highlights can clips pretty harshly on this camera even when shooting raw. I asked him how many stops of dynamic range he thought the camera had, and he said probably around 12. 

  5. Hi Guys,

    Here are some screens from a short I recently wrote/directed. Originally planned to use the Varicam LT but availability was scarce at the time of our shooting days. All in all using the C200 was pretty cool to use. Our colorist said that there was some slight noise issues in the shadows but the color cleaned up well. I can post ungraded raw tiffs in here if anyone wants to see any.





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