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    Reece B got a reaction from IronFilm in FD Times: Anamorphic Special May 2015   
    Great finds! 
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    Reece B reacted to IronFilm in FD Times: Anamorphic Special May 2015   
    Possibly is old news to many here, but this was news to me, an entire magazine edition devoted to anamorphic lenses:

    This was also a good watch:
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    Reece B reacted to Andrew Clunie in Art Festival shot on the Iscorama Pre 36.   
    Hello. I recently purchased a pre-36 from a user on here, and used it for a project; a promo for an arts fair, held on the kubrick estate every year.
     Hope you like it !
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    Reece B reacted to leslie in (Help?) Hilux 264 Anamorphic Prismatic Suggestions (New to anamorphics)   
    hello and welcome,
    i'm new too, i was looking at a hilux 264  on ebay aswell for about  $125 australian. all i know is prisms are less popular as anamorphics not sure why. i think you can do anamorphics with a prism but it is the road less traveled i did find something but it was when i first started looking and i suspect it may have something to do with the look and a prism may give you a different look compared to a ''normal'' anamorphic lens. i  ended up buying two different brands of projection lens to play with neither where prisms. hopefully someone far more knowledgeable  will chime in with a suitable reply.
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