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  1. They are funding the 35mm version now in August.

    I think I read somewhere they are also working on a 25mm version? That would be really, really interesting for simple travel/run'n gun situations.



    On 7/6/2020 at 1:03 AM, Andrew Reid said:

    I recently picked one up too. Quite impressed with how cinematic it looks.

    Flare is a bit naff but apart from that... It's like LA7200 on steroids.

    Could you post some screengrabs from this? 

  2. Congratulations to the winners! Well deserved! The spirit of the competition was really fun, actually go out there and create content. I hope there will be more challenges like this in the future. 

    Now, onto the reveal:

    I shot on a Panasonic GF5, picked up for about 50-60$ in a used store in Hong Kong:


    Locked the SS to 40 or 50 like recommended in your old article Andrew. A fun little portable camera to shoot on, and the small size of the files make them superfast and easy  to edit. Also put a LUT over the finished edit. 

    I also used a 10$ tripod and a vintage 70-210 Tokina/Vivitar tele lens with OM mount, bought for maybe 10-15$. 




    Now PannySVHS, if you want me to send the camera, PM your adress.


    Best regards!

  3. I have a question/questions for you guys running Magic Lantern on the Eos-M. When shooting video, can you adjust Exposure to overexpose/underexpose? Example, I had a GX80 i used to shot in 40ss or 50ss on 24frames second. With my "anamorfake" Helios 58 with the blades removed, in daylight its way to light(its always wide open...)-nighttime/evening shots looks good tough.

    My question is basically can you manually adjust/set: Underexposing/Overexposing?

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