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  1. Thanks Chris, I appreciate your, and all the other thoughtful comments. I get the niche here that thebrothersthre3 mentions, after all it's the eos forum. I've been a camera geek for a long time and have a large collection of all ages and kinds. most are things of beauty... except for the plastic stuff with microscopic buttons and menus from the past 20 or so years which barely got used before being replaced by the next best thing - DSLRs and HDV etc. I understand these cameras form the majority of profits for these companies and offer the flexibility of shooting both stills and vide
  2. Can someone please explain to me why all the new VIDEO features these days make their debut in DSLRs... and then tend to migrate toward video style cameras? Still cameras are/were purpose built for one type of usage, (though I could argue holding one is still not ergonomic as the hand is forced forward at the wrist) holding and rigging while the modern digital cinema camera layout has evolved mostly from ENG style because everything is where one would expect it and is just so much better to operate and work with without the need to rig a small awkward DSLR body out for this.... for examp
  3. The Kinor 16mm package is SOLD The Konvas 35mm package is SOLD The Lomo cine primes are SOLD The Mamiya 645 System is SOLD The Sennheisser 416s are SOLD Everything else listed and much more is still available. Thanks
  4. Privyet Vlad, I'm curious... what do you think my Set of Six Lomo Cine Primes for sale in California (18,22,35,50,75,100) Spherical not anomorphic OCT - 19 is worth? I bought from KinoStudio Dovzhenko long ago with a Konvas 35. I couldn't help myself.
  5. Set of Six Lomo Cine Primes for sale in California (18,22,35,50,75,100) OCT - 19 ... there you go.
  6. Nice. Good to see some Lomos out there. Amazing glass. I am selling Lomo Cine Primes set of 6 (18,22,35,50,75,100) OCT-19 IN CALIFORNIA.
  7. Selling 25 years of professional and collectible studio gear. Please text me at 310 500 0432 so I can easily send you pictures from my phone and discuss great prices. STILL CAMERAS Mamiya 645 with 3 lenses Kowa 6x6 MINT with 3 lenses Salute (Kiev 88) Russian Hasselblad Copy with 5 lenses, 4 backs, polaroid back and accessories Pentacon 6 with 2 Zeiss lenses waist level and prism finder Canon F1 35mm 2 bodies and many FD lenses MOVIE CAMERAS Konvas 35mm camera + set of 6 Lomo OKC 19 mount Prime lenses + 4 film magazines JVC hdv 720p gy-hd100 Video camera with under 100
  8. Nice. I have set of Six Lomo Cine Primes (18,22,35,50,75,100mm) - purchased with Konvas 35 from Kinostudio Dovzhenko. FOR SALE TOO
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