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  1. The fact that Andrew hasn't posted anything about Blackmagic RAW is very telling...
  2. My post did not have malicious intent. I've been following the blog for years, since the 5D Mark II & Magic Lantern craze. I've used a lot of your tips and they've been very helpful. I only just recently joined the forum. I know you shoot, I think anybody with any degree of familiarity with the site knows that you shoot. You have many haters, why I don't know. I'm sure you know why. That hasn't stopped me from visiting the site because I don't know you and I don't know the people who don't like you. I just know that you're an alternative source of information for the products that
  3. To be honest, I think that John B has a point. It really doesn't make sense for Blackmagic to give it's unreleased camera to reviewers. It could hurt sales if there are issues. Also, you can't get mad at John because you've kind of positioned yourself as a "blogger" / "reviewer". In regards to his "butchered footage" comment... I mean... uuhhh... some of it was pretty bad. Blackmagic customers ARE entitled... Have you been on their forum lately?? The can 100% guarantee that the second the pocket 4k is released, a thread will be started called "Pocket 4K v2 requests". Lastly, you're not p
  4. This guy is hilarious! Way to hit back Jon.
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