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  1. So where do i start i have some Hoyas Nd filters And i recently noticed on my old footages from GH5 that there was slight green tint Scenario: Day time sunny Settings 180deg shutter 60fps 10bit White balance set to 5600k Exposure using waveform Now how do peeps tackle this? i noticed you can tweak whitebalance in GH5 but i haven't got clue and i couldn't find anything that specified my issue i really hope i can find solution as am going on shoot with my S1 lumix THank you.
  2. Op great work! Now question to colorgurus ☺ Is it due to time of the day the colours are too saturated or because of picture profile? Am noob i wanna learn?
  3. Pure winner ?as for me am stuck auto slomo I hope Panasonic is reading this Dear Panasonic please give us S1 users manual control over slomotion function.
  4. Yah S1 is Hybrid shooter so you get photo video for Usa lads 23.98fps and for Us Eu we get 25p or fps what ever floats ur boat Now lets get things straight IF u want true Cinema 24p u either get S1H or go to m43 (GH5/S)
  5. Thats their Cinemaline their protected as goes for 1dx theirs no hope
  6. Yah Pana engineers aware of this so thank god for that ?
  7. That explains everything my unit is updated and honestly i cant see any moire in 1080p i will wait for vlog card to arrive so i can test it in 10bit as well.
  8. Would you able provide link to Dpreview IQ Now about Moire i didn't noticed any honestly ?
  9. What's the waiting time for that physical vlog card?
  10. Vision

    GH5 and f4

    Not stupid question at all, are u in manual mode? Go into main menu and have look if you are not in aperture priority or any other mode
  11. I just bought my first fullframe toy? Now i need That piss a shit Vlog card!!!
  12. The era of Raw is around the corner, now that Nikon is implementing it others should follow I know this has been said before but id rather more DR than pixels
  13. Id say end of this year as s1h is only coming on shelfs
  14. I think Sony is making something that will surprise us ! Venice colour and 10bit the main reason a7riv dint received any video features i think is due to heat issues the body is to small for that kinda power to proceed Someone shed some light please?
  15. Have u ever shot with 1dx mii 85mm 1.4l? This combo u mentioned is feather weight
  16. Anyone know if S1H comes with VLoG installed ? I freaking hate to wait for physical copy key Also hows fan noise like?
  17. 24mm equv on this bad boy and your pretty much sorted with strap on neck for good oul steady ready ? ⁸
  18. Dp Review done great job especially Jordan? he went out to get some eggs and never came back!
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