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  1. I will test this on NX300 as I don't recall it doing that on NX300 in 24p mode.
  2. I have the 150w how difficult is it to install the fans? Is it simply remove some screws and connect a adapter cable? Do you have photos of how to disassemble and install fan without breaking light?
  3. I was just stating my opinion it's ok if we differ on the issue. I have the camera so for me I think it still has more potential then is being utilize. Some people still use dead camera systems that are vintage even though no support exist for it. Until I see something worth upgrading I will stick with the NX1. I'm actually waiting on the Nikon release and crossing my fingers they will do something better than the A7iii but not getting my hopes up to high.
  4. I think it would be beneficial as long as someone is modifying camera and adding new features. The technology we have today like 3d printing could add new tools for the camera.
  5. Anyone have any idea why the NX1 looks super jittery when doing panning? I tried everything enabling and disabling ois, dis but nothing changes. I know in general shooting in 24p you can't pan super fast especially in 4k but the jitters are unbearably bad I will try uploading some sample footage soon. I put shutter speed at 1/50 the ideal setting for shooting movies but not sure what else I can do to eliminate this issue and am wondering if it is an NX1 issue. I also tried different focal lengths on the 16-50 f2 but at all focal lengths same problem with no noticeable difference.
  6. I am having trouble figuring out how to send audio to Samsung NX1 camera from camera out port on tascam recorder. Anyone sure how to make it where recorder sends data to camera and save that directly to camera SD card? Or any idea on how to simply process for syncing up audio with external audio recorder?
  7. Hope somebody will come back to bring this camera to the next level. Maybe we can entice someone with some crowd funding.... count me in if we have a person or group willing to do so.
  8. Anything new going on with NX1 more hacks or changes?
  9. I ended up going with footagestudio and converted to h.264 because prores takes forever to convert.
  10. Can you make a video on the process to convert files? Also does this affect the ability to color grade footage? I don't want to lose the control over editing footage by converting and overly compressing footage and losing quality. I tried pavtube software and that seems to get the job done to get it in prores.
  11. Can you make a video on the process to convert files? Also does this affect the ability to color grade footage? I don't want to lose the control over editing footage by converting and overly compressing footage and losing quality.
  12. Wow so it sounds like I am not alone on this painful issue. Does prores open in Davinci Resolve? Also what programs do you recommend for converting to prores that are free for windows?
  13. When I import footage into Davinci Resolve it has some kind of color bleeding or casting all around the trees and other objects. Here is screenshot of problem: https://www.dropbox.com/s/s41yb4w8rfc4n26/Screenshot 2018-06-10 06.37.29.png?dl=0 Here is another screenshot of the issue just take a look at the car it looks crazy bad and nothing like the original footage: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ydzbv8pfthldynm/Screenshot 2018-06-10 07.15.22.png?dl=0 Here screenshot of the original footage of car with no color issues: https://www.dropbox.com/s/lg5qb11bgn3trsw/Screenshot 2018-06-10 07.20.32.png?dl=0 This doesn't appear in footage when playing it back on PC in windows media player but only when I import it into Davinci Resolve.
  14. What matte box did you use with NX1? Do you have a link to it? Also what is name of brand of filters and where can I buy them?
  15. What were your settings for the flat profile i.e. contrast, black levels and so on? Also what program did you color grade this in? Would love to see a tutorial on your NX1 work in perhaps something like Davinci Resolve since I have that program only at this point. I would definitely subscribe to your YouTube channel or if you released a DVD guide on your process from start to finish would be willing buy a digital version of it showing filming process and grading process. Sorry but I am amazed at the quality I saw... I already have the EOSHD guide for NX1 but haven't started going through it yet.
  16. I tested the footage but when I color grade it I get some weird artifacts assuming this was shot with a 3D lens seems to resemble those type of affects.
  17. What were your camera settings for this footage? i.e. saturation, gamma dr, master black levels etc? What lens? Also did you convert file to another format for editing or did you use raw h.265 file?
  18. What settings for the camrea did you use like saturation, master black level and so on? Was this all handheld and if not what did you use to stabilize it?
  19. Casey has good lighting... do you know if he would be willing to share the rec709 file he created? Do you know if casey would be willing to share rec709 file with others?
  20. What lens did you use for this video shoot was it a samsung? Also for panning shots of guy when you are moving around did you use a gimbal or steadycam or was that only DIS?
  21. From what I read it is suppose to be 15 stops.
  22. Do you think with the release of the A7iii that will be of better value than the NX1? It is the closest thing I have seen that is close in price to NX1 with generally good features. Only thing I dislike is no slow mo in 4k mode other than that everything seems great on paper. Actually the time limit is only 30mins per recording but that will likely be hacked.
  23. I would love to see the final film for the photos posted. Is it available yet?
  24. What lens did you use in particular for the shot with lady crying? Also what top 3 lenses would you recommend for NX1 for cinematic look and feel? Do you have any recommendations on tips to prevent the sky from blowing out or clipping while keeping all other elements in scene properly exposed?
  25. I heard that the dynamic range on NX1 sucks but not sure if that is true or not. I really wanted to see some footage from someone who has tested the camera outdoors in high contrast situations to see who well it holds on to details. For example I would like to see a filmed scene with clouds and also landscape with person in scene to see if it can keep them properly exposed without clipping the clouds or underexposing the person that is in the scene. Any sample footage would be great to see and list the settings used to help me understand if the NX1 is a good purchase in 2018.
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