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  1. Did anyone managed to output LOG to the atomos ninja? I did connect the a7sIII to the ninja, the ninja input shows 4.2kraw, and the gamma is on Native. But It the image is Linear and record Linear while on the A7SIII monitor shows (correctly) Slog3... I've been in contact with both Sony and Atomos (tech support not Knowledgeable )...
  2. First of All, Thank you Andrew for the amount of work, time and passion that you put in all your reviews. Not only is instructive for newbies but also very informative for professionals. Bravo. About the SL2 vs S1h: Video > could you test highlights handling of the two cameras? Latitude on the highlights? > SL 2 more issue , maybe doing a test with/wothout a 1/4 Hollywood BM if you have it. > Compressed video vs external recorder any noticeable difference in grading/ high iso. > S1H color science difference/ latitude handling difference (I
  3. Hi All, let me introduce myself, I'm a professional photographer and film director, been working for the last 20 years and assisted before. I come from film, some of our video productions were shot indie, some with proper budget and some in super35 film. Few opinions about the eva-1 footage. I was expecting more, and if this is not the final product they should have waited a little bit more to show footage. In specifics, the DP either messed up the exposure (hard to believe as it's a panasonic infomercial) or the camera, when exposed to the right, has a bad response on shad
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