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  1. Good enough! I'd forgotten you used a G7 as a reference. Thank you!
  2. Thanks. I have the gx80 (and the hack), but I noticed that similar controls and ergonomics can be a godsend in the field. Please help him and correct me if you have handson experience with both g7 and g85. This is my biggest fear.
  3. No blocking with a regular plate? Dunno, but i am ok if the files offer seamless playback.
  4. I am thinking about getting a G7. It would complement my G85/G80 as an additional body for multicam stuff. Always on a stand. Mostly for interviews and b-roll. I understand the G7 has none of the following: - weather sealing - IBIS - OLPF filter Anything else that's different? In terms of ergonomics, handling and color (cinelike D) it looks like a perfect twin backup body. Great in shooting workflow and matching in post. Anything I am missing?
  5. It's awesome. Once you start using cinelike D, it's hard to go back. Skin tones are so much nicer. Thanks, man. Never bothered with the NTSC hack, but this is SO much more useful. Still prefer the G80 for the mic input, the ergonomics and the button layout, and I have high hopes for the better balance with the upcoming 17mm 1.2 PRO, but... Thanks, man. Finally happy again with my twin combo.
  6. Dear folks, I have been stealthily snooping around and making grateful use of your experiments and knowledge exchange. Thought I'd pay it back with a little test: Cinelike D. Settings: 0, -5, -5, -3. GX80 had a Olympus 12mm, and the G80 a 17mm, for the rest settings are all the same. Hope it's worth your while. Jpg 1 is G80, 2 is GX80.
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