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  1. Ugh. I don’t like the Sony color science AT ALL but I am glad they are ovetaking Canon. I hope in the next few years the suits on Canon’s board get the message when their sales really start going down the tubes compared to their competitors’ numbers. They’ve been able to survive merely on people that are locked into their ecosystem. But that will get you only so far. These specs suck. There is no way to sugarcoat them. They suck, suck, suck. Intentionally crippling products may turn a profit in the present, but it will bite you in the ass in the long run. Steve Jobs himself famously said, “If you don’t cannibalize yourself, your competitors will do it for you.” Canon needs a big punch in the face. I’ve been holding onto their ecosystem like a desperate crack addict that’s run out of crack for years now and has resorted to turpentine and mouthwash to get my fix. This year I’m done with Canon’s turpentine products. They have until the end of 2018 and then I start offloading my EF lenses and bodies. I’m done with Canon’s subpar BS and piss poor video specs. Fuck ‘em.
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    DJI Mavic Pro II

    So which is which? The very top image seems to have much less noise, so there is either mor aggressive NR happening there or that sensor is actually cleaner.
  3. Everyone has a different use for a camera. Some folks strictly shoot events or weddings, some shoot music videos, some shoot commercials, some shoot industrial promos, some shoot nature docs, some shoot sports, some shoot timelapse, some shoot features and some just shoot camera tests. I see the C200 strictly as a Raw Cinema camera that shoots proxies. Others see it as a poorly spec'd standard video camera that has some nice additional features, like Raw. This isn't a camera for shooting events or docs. This isn't a camera for shooting sports. It's not a camera for shooting a lot of things. But it's arguably one of the best cinema cameras ever made for shooting one-man band, indie features and music videos. Some of us want the absolute best quality a file can give us and will take 12 bits over 10 bits any day of the week, no matter the setbacks in storage and conversion time. I'm not happy about the absence of a middle codec, but I think the C200 is going to be the camera I choose for a small feature.
  4. I think this camera looks great and the Touchscreen DPAF looks incredible. I can't wait to try shooting wide open with a gimbal. It opens up so many possibilities. I like running lean crews and the more independence there is for the camera operator, the better. And if I want 10bit 4:2:2, I'll just pick up a BlackMagic Video Assist. Everything I am asked to deliver is still in 1080 right now, so no big deal. Looking forward to trying out the Panasonic as well. Both look like fantastic cameras and I think both will do well. The gap between the $50k cinema cameras and the sub-$10k prosumer world just got a lot smaller. I'd say in 5 years that gap will be gone. I mean, it almost is with the C200. It might not have mid-level broadcast codecs but it looks like it will hold its own against a Red Epic-W right now with it's 12 bit Raw at 60p (which is $30k). That's actually better than the Epic-W which can't even shoot 60fps with the full sensor, eats V-Mounts and has no NDs. The C200 is competing with every camera in Red's line but the Weapon Helium. I simply can't wait for the day that the only differentiation between camera models will be a company's color science (a place where Arri and Red still really shine). Bring it on. I'm sure Sony will respond to all this with their FS5 MK II and their a7S III. I imagine Black Magic is working on their new Pocket Cinema Camera as well as increasing the light sensitivity for their next Ursa sensor. Things are getting very interesting. The next 5 years is going to be incredible.
  5. Just saw this was already posted on another thread. Oh well. Here it is again...
  6. I am very excited about your up-coming review. When can we expect it? For a camera that's been out since February, there really aren't that many full blown reviews of it. There are plenty of photographer's reviews but there are barely any concerning the video aspects of the camera. Philip Bloom's review is okay, but it was kind of a quick once-over. I have a Canon 5D MK III and an original C300 that I have been waiting to ditch for a year now, but I have not seen the camera out there that I want just yet. I have shot with the Sony FS7 and considered switching over to it but I just couldn't handle those awful menus and it's size. The A7S II is an option, but again, Sony's menus really make me hate using their cameras. Plus I don't really like grading SLOG. The 1DX MK II doesn't look like it's a perfect camera by any means, but it looks better to me than any of the other options out there at the moment. I will wait for your review before I decide to pull the trigger. Hope to see it soon!
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