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  1. I am rapidly coming to the conclusion that a Zacuto Gratical EVF (any version) is the only choice to be able to focus in bright conditions. I know there are very bright 1000 nit plus monitors out there and recorder/monitor versions too such as the Flame but given the prices are all fairly similar the Zacutos are the only ones and can be ported to other cameras purchased in the future anyways. A 1000 nit plus 3.5 inch screen does not exist...yet or a bright small oled.
  2. Is anybody using an EVF with the BM Micro camera? Zacuto, Blackmagic OLED or any other one?
  3. I realise many are using the speed booster by MB but whats with the plain vanilla T smart adapter (http://www.metabones.com/products/details/MB_EF-m43-BT2), does it fit the Micro Cinema camera? I have a Canon ef 17-40mm, ef 70-200mm f2.8 non IS, and a ef 500mm f4.5 non IS (which I understand needs a powered or active mount to even enable manual focus) I would love to use these or at the very least the 70-200mm non is 2.8, anyone know of the compatibility of any of these? ( I know their not on the MB site list) Thanks.
  4. Fil

    Zhiyun Crane Test

    Nice footage. What probs did you have? And what payload were you at? Shots looked pretty smooth and I know there is a fair amount of 'ninja walking' required with a bit of choreography.
  5. Just to mention SmallRig have confirmed they are going to release a wooden side grip soon for their micro cage.
  6. Frustratingly can't buy the Lilliput Q5 in the UK yet!
  7. Cinegain and Phil A, many thanks for both your replies. Cinegain I would appreciate hearing your take on the Lilliput Q5, the specs/functionality seem good. Phil A, yes the SmallHD is amongst the best 5 inch monitors. My concern is bright conditions outside and how usable monitors are...is a loupe unavoidable?
  8. This one might be worth a look...https://www.gridaccessories.com/products/grid-5-0-viewfinder/
  9. Canon were eager to point out that you can have some of these features at 720p, less features at 1080p and even less (in fact only a couple of) features in 4k and we are still gonna charge you at least 14500...its a billy bargain!
  10. Does anyone know if this adapter works on a BM Micro Cinema Camera/Pocket Camera?
  11. First post here! Have been hunting round for a field monitor for the micro cinema camera. I'm wanting nothing larger than 5 inch screen and have been checking out ikan VL35, VL5e (is Portkeys the same but different buttons?) Or perhaps BMs very own VA or Lilliput Q5. Be good to know what others are using or any thoughts.
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