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  1. For the benefit of others who might be considering these lenses with a BM Micro Cinema Camera the following all work with Iris control when connected to the EF to BMPCC Speedbooster - Canon EF 17-40mm, Canon EF 50mm Macro, Canon EF 70-200mm F2.8 Non IS version and the Canon EF 500mm f4.5 (pre f4 IS version) which is a superb wildlife filming lens and very portable with the micro.
  2. Whats the likelihood they could make one firmware version to cover the entire 350g to 1800g range?
  3. Have another go and best of luck this time!
  4. Thanks for the heads up! So with firmware version 1.50 5D RC2 the Cranes payload shifts to between 1200g and 1800g. Why they didn't just allow the original lower threshold of 350g seems odd but perhaps, as the firmware name suggests, this firmware version is geared towards 5D body style users?? You could be pushing it there. I notice on the Zhiyun page for the Cranes parameters ( http://www.zhiyun-tech.com/index.php?m=content&c=index&a=show&catid=132&id=177 ) it mentions 70mm for the max. payload lens. It is not very clear but that could refer to the max.physical length of a lens.
  5. OK just checked the members list and I can confirm you are not listed. It can take 3 or 4 weeks...have you been waiting longer?
  6. Possibly a trump filter? Probably should make it variable too as some of those TV show make up artists just suck! (come to think of it a trump filter sounds like its for something else!)
  7. Ive come across an issue, the ProResHQ files don't playback in Quicktime when they come straight out the camera (tried 2 different sandisk extreme pro 64gb sdxc cards in the camera). I have to convert them to another ProResHQ file in a convertor. Is my camera creating bad files?
  8. OK just to inform others who might be wondering the same now or in the future, activation takes quite a while with that forum so be patient (reminder to myself).
  9. Does anyone know how long it takes to get an account activated at bmcuser.com? Only its been over 2 weeks now and I am still not activated, emails to admin are not being answered.
  10. Sure, I can see you can use an evf and monitor both but for the conditions and purpose I have specified I think my money is going on a decent evf, particularly when out in the field.
  11. Like asking "do you eat salad?"...not really, given I mentioned earlier about focussing in bright conditions, some might use a bright display quite happily whereas others (prob most) stick with an evf. Different people like to operate with different setups depending on their needs. Enjoy that salad! Appreciate your info on how you shoot. Thanks.
  12. Thanks for that tupp. Do you use a monitor ?
  13. Does anyone know if you can use the following lenses with the DEC Lens Adapter (MFT version)? 1. Canon EF 17-40mm f4 2. Canon EF 70-200mm f2.8 Non IS version 3 Canon EF 500mm f4.5 Non IS version Thanks
  14. Thanks for your post Tupp. I was hoping to find a bright small display, the brighter monitor output choices seem to start with the 5 inch displays.
  15. Fil

    Metabones Users

    Thanks Zak. Thats the MB_EF-m43-BT2 you use on your BMMCC?
  16. Fil

    Metabones Users

    I realise many are using the speed booster by MB but whats with the plain vanilla T smart adapter (http://www.metabones.com/products/details/MB_EF-m43-BT2), does it fit the Micro Cinema camera? I have a Canon ef 17-40mm, ef 70-200mm f2.8 non IS, and a ef 500mm f4.5 non IS (which I understand needs a powered or active mount to even enable manual focus) I would love to use these or at the very least the 70-200mm non is 2.8, anyone know of the compatibility of any of these? ( I know their not on the MB site list) Thanks. I did post this above but not sure as many will notice.
  17. Yes it would be bulking it out, I haven't looked into all the variables of providing power via the smallest battery possible nor the smallest convertor. I originally looked at the Gratical X as its powered by an LPE6 battery. The SmallHD 501 with 'Sidefinder' does look interesting I agree. What do you use?
  18. I can't comment on the lower budget Feelworld 350 nor any of the other 3.5 inch (thereabouts) screen evfs such as those made by Cineroid, Alphatron or the Zacuto flip ups etc. No doubt they have their place, but for a BM Micro Cinema camera to keep things relatively small, the Oled evfs seem to be best suited, albeit at a high price. The ursa evf or the Zacuto Eye are the only players, I think. Redrock Micro ventured into an evf once 5 years or so ago but it didn't happen oddly enough. There is definitely a gap to be filled. Obviously, an external monitor also has its benefits, as far as I'm concerned I want to keep it small, max 5 inch screen for the Micro. I have been waiting for a Lilliput Q5 but they seem to be taking an age to get released and they aren't for sale yet, not here anyway. The iKan VL35 (315 nits) and the DH5e (450 nits) are also interesting. I will buy one these first and avoid the SmallHD 5 series as their price is high and not too far from an Oled evf. I suppose the other route given the high cost of Oled evfs is a 1000 nit or higher external monitor, like the SmallHD 'Brite' or even the Atoms Ninja/Shogun Flame/Inferno with their 1500 nits. But we are getting into 7 inch screen sizes now and perhaps a little too far from the compactness being sought for the Micro camera. No matter which way you look at things a compromise is always required.
  19. Anyone tried the BM Ursa EVF with the Micro Camera?
  20. Fil

    iKan VL35

    Thanks Cinegain I saw that post but was wondering what its like without a loupe, outside.
  21. Fil

    iKan VL35

    Anyone using this monitor? How does it cope for achieving focus outside? (not necessarily in bright sunlight just overcast flat light)
  22. I see the Blackmagic Ursa Viewfinder supports the Micro Cinema Camera since the BM Camera Update 3.1.
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