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  1. Does the packaging imply they are being shipped in the next days? Is mine perhaps also in there ?
  2. Are you refering to the canon 50mm or the lens used in the booster? Is it ED type of glass? Is the first batch already shipped? When would it be shipped if I order from the second (429€) today?
  3. Are you saying that certain filters can eliminate defects like fringing?
  4. Thank you. I thought it was a bit brighter, but didnt think it could invoke that much fringing. Can you comment what kind of glass was used? Standard or low dispersion (ED) ?
  5. Great job, thanks! As expected for a wide aperture it is soft with lots of chromattic abberations. For the sharpnes edge to edge, I meant a shot at the sharpest aperture like f8, you can even use a sharper lens if you have one. As for purple fringing I was suprised how much more promemant was with the booster (right), why do you think that is?
  6. https://www.produzionidalbasso.com/project/turn-your-samsung-nx-camera-to-full-frame/
  7. One with 50mm an aperture wide open and a subject in the foreground for like portrait work and bokeh representation. One shot with a lot of detail across the frame at its sharpest aperture, to judge edge to edge sharpness. One contrasty with hard light in the background and wide open to check for any possible additional chromatic aberrations. Like through the fine braches of trees against the sun or such. Any additional example is a good example really. Thanks!
  8. I would love to order one, but from the lack of sample photos is really hard to jump the gun. Can you paste more comparisons raws or send one to someone for a review? Its hard to rely on early adopters to make and post tests. Thanks!
  9. Luca can you make more sample pictures, with and without? Does the booster create any chromatic aberrations, like blue/green/purple fringing? Can you make a sample with very bright backlight? Like a shoot through the branches of trees towards the sun? Thanks!
  10. Luca can you create an album on flickr and upload more pictures as reference? Im sure it would make even more people excited. Make it an open type and other users will be able to upload their samples as soon as they recieve it. What do you think?
  11. Ok. So the possibility of a smart adapter will be considered if and when there is enough funding? And it is not in the developement at the moment? It would be great if you could buy a dumb adapter now, and later be upgraded to smart. It would help funding too, since the people would not be holding off for the possibilty of a smart one in the near future.
  12. So in order to shoot Nikon glass, you should buy the 17$ adaptor for compensating the flange distance and aperture controll? But still you can't use modern canon lenses and have aperture controll?
  13. Luca can you explain how is it possible for a single booster/adapter to fit all mounts? Lets set aside the mount geometry details itself, but how do you compensate the different flange-to-sensor distances that different manufacturers use in a single adapter? Or rather why is it (clearly) not an issue in the case of the NX-L?
  14. Not sure it could be done. The "another" adapter would have to be only 2.5mm thick if I am not mistaken.
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