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  1. 1) Set all three Custom WB profiles with the same B2M2 settings - these are saved forever until you make changes to those specific values 2) Shoot grey card 3) Enter that Kelvin value into any of the three Custom WB profiles. Most values are never far away from 3200 / 5600 / 7000 so if you want to be in the ballpark to begin with then just do as advised in the PDF. You could have the second and third profiles set to 3200 and 7000 then use the first one as an 'exact' white balance according to the scene you are shooting currently when using a grey card. A note to those, like me, who always went auto WB - it takes time to build a bit of muscle memory for when shooting greatly diverse scenes and having to remember to change between Custom WB profiles. I have gone from 3200 indoors, dashed outside into searing sunshine to catch the bride, and nearly called an ambulance because she looked on the verge of dying.
  2. The battery life on my Beholder DS1 is 9000 hours switched off. I am impressed that the batteries have yet to leak and finish the pile of crap off for good. Wasn't there a myriad of problems with the original Pilot that did not come to light until after the initial showboating videos?
  3. Loads of tutorials on YouTube.
  4. Davey

    GH5 focus excellence

    140mm (280eq) on my GX80 is miles ahead stability wise than the 200mm f4 on my A7sii - different planet altogether.
  5. This is suffering form the Sony zombie look, which (appropriately so) is most apparent at night - those skin tones need the EOSHD Pro Color treatment
  6. Agree about the stealthiness. Tested it on my hip today, pointing to the side and pretending to film something else in front of me with an even less intrusive looking camera. There are times during street protests when it kicks off and looking away from the action whilst filming it is the way to go. 28mm FF equivalent at f11 with that small sensor is a decent angle of view and a huge amount of depth of field. Practically everything was in focus when I got my test home - with tripod quality stability. I bought the GX80 almost exclusively to be used with the 14-140ii for street scenarios and even at 140mm it looks like a non threatening toy. Bloody love this camera.
  7. Same with insect macro.
  8. Capture One is excellent. I use FCPX and love its simplicity but needed a RAW editor for my Sony pics. Affinity (which I also have) didn't support Sony RAW - though they do now - so I ended up buying Capture One and love it. Pity there are so few tutorials on YouTube but there is a German guy who shows its full capabilities and he's going to be doing some in English some time in the near future.
  9. Amazing that nobody thought of that before - or the next obvious thing staring us in the faces that none of us can see.
  10. Loads far more efficiently on my mobile now for some unknown technical reason
  11. Forgot about the battery bonus
  12. I just fancy the monitor. I looked at the BMA a few months ago but couldn't justify it for my needs. £400 for a bright, lightweight five inch monitor with waveform and focus assist is what I am considering as it looks handy for macro video with its articulating arm. Bit of a nightmare using the screens on my Sonys in bright sunshine and my recent GX80 is even worse. Squinting through the EVF whilst lying prostate is equally impractical. I'll be waiting on thorough reviews first, though. The low price has made me suspicious.
  13. Small HD 5" monitor caught my attention. I am not in the market for any camera bodies or lenses, mind.
  14. I forgot to look because I wanted to check the autofocus. I guess the absence of noticing any bad colours is the same thing.
  15. What to expect? Autofocus as good as this will be nice:
  16. I only shoot 4K and like you, have had no problems. I won't be using 50p on this camera because it is 'job specific', so cannot help you. There will be hundreds having problems and talking about them on various forums if there isn't a problem with your camera or technique. I can't see anything online, apart from this thread.
  17. I like the look of this. Ships in June, reviewed to death by August, decision imminent September.
  18. Started with a mobile, then a Panny TZ30 and for two years the wonderful Panny FZ200 - everything on auto for a year because I enjoyed capturing and editing, not knowing or caring for exposure or colour or audio. If it isn't fun, it won't matter what you use. Technical stuff can sap the life out of some people (like me) but can inspire others. So advising newcomers as to what camera to buy is not an exact science.
  19. Stunning, though I cannot fully appreciate it as I don't have a high contrast monitor - let alone a series of them.
  20. Levels too high. But yes, great moire test.
  21. Worked it out now, but getting consistently better results (given my ergonomics) when switching E-stabiliser off. Incidentally, I love that Natural -5 -5 -5 -5 look having tried it out the other day. I am toying with the idea of getting a Tiffen Ultra contrast 3 filter but there aren't many examples (besides yours) or reviews out there.
  22. Davey

    GH5 focus excellence

    I've heard that the Panasonic apps are quite good. Once I have a fair bit of footage in the can (building muscle memory and seeing what I can get away with in post using Natural / -5 everything) I'll look into them.
  23. Davey

    GH5 focus excellence

    I have my A7sii and A7s for low light work but the autofocus on them is terrible for riots and other such fast moving and unpredictable events. I really needed cheap 4K, one lens solution, smaller sensor for greater depth of field, better autofocus, easy manual focus (so a bridge was out), small and light camera and under £1,000 because it will get damaged eventually with the kind of things I'll be filming this next two years. Having said that, I must discipline myself not to chase after some of those lenses on your list or I'll end up with a GH5 which I really don't need. Edit: And top notch stabilisation - that was the clincher. To shoot 280mm (FF equivalent) without looking like I needed a shot of morphine, is something else.
  24. Davey

    GH5 focus excellence

    Just set my GX80 up as single point, smallest box, back button focus - nice and snappy when shooting video (even in low light) with a 14-140ii. The GH5 should be equally as fast if you avoid all this complicated fannying about with settings nobody really understands. Edit: AF-S and not AF-C
  25. Same here. Absolute shambles of a company.
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