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    Bratislava SK- Granada ESP
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    Photography, long and short form fiction.
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    5d MKII, GX80, RX10II, HC-X1000,

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About Me

I work with cameras, watching life through a viewfinder helps focus my attention and lets me find the important details. Forty years of photographic experience in the family and I'm the first one to get into filmmaking, not the best decision according to them. Also I been writing since childhood and love to make these stories real for people to enjoy. 

I studied screenwriting under Fermin Cabal's wings in Madrid's TAI school which was an awesome experience and production because I always had the stupid idea that directing is more about knowledge, having a great team, trusting them and having loads of common sense.

Filmmaking and screenwriting are an art form, but forget it if you think it's not a business. Work fast, work hard and always smile.

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