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  1. One of the things I like about Sony is the eye-AF, does anyone know how does the face detection compare between the Sony's and the NX1?
  2. Hello All, I have a quick question, all of the reviews that I have seen on the web seem to have been tested using an early version of the Samsung firmware. Are there any reviews of the NX1 using the 1.4 firmware version and how would it stack up against the A7ii, a6500?
  3. I have a new reason to get back in the Samsung NX1 boat, Apples new OS now supports H.265, yeah..... I'm running the beta OS and it's working perfectly, I can now playback my old mp4's without issue.
  4. I didn't understand it! I'm kicking myself every day..... Now it looks like I'm going to have buy from a South Korean on-line store to get the setup that I had........... Argh!!!!!!
  5. I jumped ship, sold my NX1 16-50S & 50-150S. I purchased the a7ii (returned it, I really like 4k recording and this didn't have it), a6500 (still have it, I love the eye AF but the camera is just too small for my hands) and tried the a7rii (returned it, picture quality was good but camera operation was too slow). I am really thinking about purchasing the NX1 again as the only reason i sold it was because I was afraid that if I needed service, no one could repair it. I loved everything about the NX1 the operation, handling and the picture color/quality. The NX1 was easier to take photos with. Also, I can't afford Sony's 2.8 lenses. So I'm also trying to decide to if I should buy the NX1 again.
  6. Is there a possibility of also a speed booster for the native Samsung lenses?
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