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  1. I get the feeling that fewer and fewer people are using ML. For me the flexibility of the raw files is the main reason to use ML, this paired with the 'fullframe look' makes it such a versatile cam that looks different than most with their 'video' look. 

    My guess is that most people can't be bothered with the workflow but any RAW format will require a lot of time, thats what you choose for when you shoot RAW. Using ML on paid shoots is something I'm entirely comfortable with. 

    To keep it going, some projects of mine:







  2. It's funny how 'now' all companies care about AF all of a sudden because of the vlogging hype. First AC's have been around forever and their main job is to pull focus. Sure AF won't be replacing them but it took a whole person to do something that can be automated.

    One of the reasons I bought my NX1 years ago was because of the AF capabilities. Not having to worry about focussing is such a relief, you can actually observe and direct your composition and talent..

  3. I've found this gimbal to be extremely versatile, however one movement I have some issues with is the 'dolly in' with the camera facing talent and you're going straight at it. Is there a trick to make it less 'swingy'? minor left and right movement is inevitable when I slowly walk straight towards my subject. 

  4. 2 minutes ago, ricardo_sousa11 said:

    You can, when you choose normal gamma, it applies the photo settings, so if you change the photo changes, they apply to the video.

    I don't understand this. What do you mean by photo settings? we're talking video here right. I can't adjust saturation/sharpness/contrast in the photo menu options

  5. On 2-5-2016 at 1:55 AM, ricardo_sousa11 said:

    Could only check the cam now, here are the settings :

    Normal Gamma | Saturation -4 | Sharpness -10 | Contrast - 3 | Master Black Level +15 (this is still to be tweaked, maybe at 8-10 should be better to avoid banding).

    These are def. my fav settings so far, they remind me a lot of canon flat profile, and already look good on its own, even better graded.

    You meant Gamma DR? You can't change the saturation/sharpness/contract in Normal Gamma

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