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  1. 19 hours ago, SpencerRollins said:

    How did you get this to 7K?

    When I say 7K I mean: I exported it at 4k settings in Premiere, so what you see on youtube is not 7K, but when you stack two 4k 2x anamorphic images on top of one another within a 16:9 frame, you effectively get a 7k resolution.  This only works with 2x anamorphic lenses because once squished down in post it equals exactly half of a 16:9 frame (hence the 2x).  It would be really cool if somehow two separate G7/GH4's could be rigged on top of one another and combined in post to create one 7k image.  Pretty much impossible with anamorphic because of the characteristics/distortion of the lenses but an interesting idea, nonetheless.  I hope that made sense!

  2. 6 hours ago, Gabriel Copoeru said:

    It was actually done by a machinist. You would need some precision tool to do it. You unscrew the unit by removing the two small screws. After that i put them back. If I want close focus, I unscrew them again and try to be really careful. Make sure you remove the diopter when trying to modify the front unit. If you live in the States, though, I'd suggest you research getting a new front focus unit designed entirely, like I've seen someone try to sell here. It might be worth it.

    Ah, I see.  Yeah that didn't seem like something you could do with household tools haha.  Thank you for the detailed description.  Yes I've read the threads about using a helicoid, might be worth a try if I could find someone here in the states to do it.  

  3. 3 hours ago, Spgreen65 said:

    Thanks for sharing.  Richie, I like the look of the boxing video.

    Spgreen65 thank you!

    3 hours ago, jbCinC_12 said:

    Sorry for the lateness of the response.

    I probably go with the 1.3 for the 2.35:1 look for the 16:9 frame set, the 2X for the 4:3 set.  I tried my Sankor 16C on one of my Lumix G7 test shots in 4K Photo mode 4:3, and the colors would change on me; maybe it was the fact that I used Auto WB instead of manual.  

    Footnote, I been getting some interesting shots again on my Sankor 16C/G7 on my Minolta MD 50 lens.  I hope to check it out and do a comparison here.

    I've been using my Bell & Howell 2x in 4:3 4k photo mode and slowing the footage down to 80% to match 23.976 fps.  I wish Panasonic would just update the firmware and allow us all to shoot in 4:3 mode @ 23.976. Maybe when the GH5 comes out and the price/feature gap between the G7 and GH4 becomes less relevant... wishful thinking.

  4. 2 hours ago, Gabriel Copoeru said:

    I sanded down the inner thread of the focus unit to achieve a sliding, push/pull focus type method. If you can get used to it, it's far better than turning it forever in its original state.

    Gabriel, how difficult was it to sand down? Did it require simply removing focus unit by unscrewing the two screws? And finally did you put some sort of stopping screw to make sure it doesn't fall off at closest focus? Thanks!

  5. You can still get pretty solid results with this lens sans modification.  I've been reading this thread and plan to mod or hire someone to do it evenutally.  Of course rack focusing is out of the question, but for some applications in stock form it serves as a useful lens, especially when you factor in that you only have to focus the anamorphic.  

    B&H 2x video shot on Panasonic G7: Anamorphic Boxing

  6. I use a Bell & Howell 16mm Anamorphic 2x single focus (Not Kowa for Bell & Howell 2x) with a Rapido clamp on my G7.  My go-to lens is a Fujinon 55mm 1.8 M42 mount with a standard M42 to MFT adapter.  I've used a Rokinon 85mm with speedbooster and a Pentax Super Tak 85mm 1.9 with solid results.  I recently brought the 55mm 1.8 B&H 2x setup to a boxing tournament and it worked beautifully, especially in 60fps.  I will be posting a video of it very soon.                                    

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