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  1. On 6/20/2018 at 3:13 PM, DaveAltizer said:

    Exactly. the implementation here is incredible. When shot properly, the M50 4k is REALLY nice. 

    This entire video was shot on the M50 in 4k (with the exception of the ending which was 1DC)


    Nice! Can you send me a link to that m50 cage? I like that set up and need it for my next shoot. 

    On 6/20/2018 at 3:13 PM, DaveAltizer said:

    Exactly. the implementation here is incredible. When shot properly, the M50 4k is REALLY nice. 

    This entire video was shot on the M50 in 4k (with the exception of the ending which was 1DC)


    Thanks for sharing this! I almost bought some old c mount lenses but was hesitant since they’re not made for aps-c size sensors. 

    Also, there are m42 to EF-M speedboosters available. I almost bought that but still on the fence about it. 

  2. On 6/16/2018 at 5:35 PM, docmoore said:

    Hey Dave,

    This one is for you.

    Thanks for the heads up on the M50 ... looks to be a decent B Cam. Found that the Wooden Camera Cage does allow for the external power input and HDMI

    is accessible ... might be a workaround ... as putting it on the M50 and removing it for the battery would be a major pain.



    Password: Daysend

    Picture profile neutral.


    And a still for all those worried about highlights....




    Again thanks for the information ... 



    Which wooden camera cage are you talking about? Can you give us a link? I have an m50 and just preordered the small rig cage recently but it doesn't arrive until july and I need one now. 

  3. On 4/19/2018 at 12:26 AM, kye said:

    Have you used this camera personally Omar?  If so, what type of filming do you do?

    With all things, the features of a camera can be great or terrible depending on what you are using it for :)

    I own the camera. I’ve used it for about 3 weeks now and love it!

    I mainly do vlogs but I’ve also done some cinematic test with it and it rocked! It’s not an Alexa but it’s still a powerful tool.


    here is my film test: 



    and here is my latest vlog: 


  4. The EOS M50 Rocks! 

    It's not the spec king of mirrorless cameras but the canon eos m50 just works! The auto focus, canon colors, canon menus, and just the overall ease of use makes this camera perfect for me and my passion projects. 

    Here is a link to some shots I grabbed with the camera while my students were filming their short film. Forgive me for the bad sound. The students recorded sound separately but not while I was filming. The sound is decent. Overall this was just a test to see how would this camera would look under cinematic lighting. 

    I got this camera for vlogging mainly but after seeing what it was able to produce with good lighting I'm definitely going to be using it for my short films. 

    Here is the link to the camera test: 




  5. 58 minutes ago, eoslover said:

    not a good lens for vlogging....you should use the kit lens lol

    Yea for sure lol. I am trying to figure out what other lens I can use to vlog. Even though I really like that focal length, 24mm is def not wide enough for me. 

  6. In the link below I unbox the M50 and also test it out by making a vlog with it. My first experience with this camera blew my mine. The wonderful canon colors and the amazing DPAF are definitely its strong points but the camera is also well built and super easy to use. The perfect vlogging camera for sure. 

    The first half of the video was shot on the iPhone 7 plus and the rest on the M50 with a 24mm pancake lens. Also, I had just took it out the box so forgot to set auto exposure off for most of the video :/ but I eventually turned it off late in the video(was in a rush cuz the wife was hungry). Either way the image was an image I was very happy with and an image perfect for the web. Also, just an FYI, I am releasing 4 more vlogs this week all shot on the M50 so if you kind of like this vlog you will kind of like the rest hopefully :p LOL



  7. 4 hours ago, mercer said:

    I wish, at the bare minimum, they would take a note from Nikon and introduce a Flat Profile that isn't quite C-Log, but is kind of a C-Log Lite. If their lower tiered models get that, and focus peaking as they slowly introduce 4K... they would regain a lot of customers. 

    Another question to ask you Omar, which may help to make up your mind... how many native Canon lenses do you own? Also, how reliant are you on DPAF with your work, or how much would it help your work to have it in 4K, with C-Log? Are you planning on keeping your C100? Honestly, I think I already know the answers, so IMO the 5D4 makes the most sense. 

    I own 5 canon lenses. DPAF is great but I don't necessarily need it but helps a lot in certain situations so I'd prefer to have it. My clients don't demand 4K yet since most of my stuff is for the web and yes I plan on keeping my c100. 

    One of my main reasons for switching to panny was because of that new cine cam coming out. If it's a game changer I was considering to buy the gh5 sell the c100 and buy that new Panasonic camera. But just not sure how good that image will look compared to a c100/c300. So if this camera is not game changing then I'm keeping my c100 and buying the 5d iv. 

    But overall canon is my favorite image above all. So I'll probably be staying with canon either way lol.  To me the image looks more filmic than other brands. Of course if u have an amazing DP he/she can make any camera image look great but with canon you don't have to do much work from my experience and IMO canon looks better. 

  8. 18 minutes ago, mercer said:

    Well then if that's the case... the 5D4 could be epic once the C-Log gets implemented. I wouldn't care so much about the crop, personally, but I understand why it could be an issue or a concern to others. The RS raises a red flag, but if it's exactly like the 1DC, then who cares. If Eli Roth didn't mind it, then who am I to care? Man I hope Canon does an about face and includes C-Log in the 6D2. 

    I second that and also hope they put c-log to the 1dx ii. That would be nuts if they did but canon just won't give us what we want.

    Canon is like that girlfriend in high school that you know is a freak but only teases you, but you stay with her because she looks better than all the other girls lol. Mean while you have Sony and Panasonic giving it all but don't look as good as that girlfriend named canon so you just go back to canon hoping that eventually she'll give in LOL. 

  9. Thanks for all the comments guys. U guys rock! 

    The gh5 looks great but it still looks videoy. Canons look still has an edge IMO. It just looks more organic and filmic. As soon as I hit play on these gh5 videos I immediately can see that it's a gh5 video. Dont get me wrong the image is not bad, it's just not filmic. There are times when I've seen some 5d3 raw clips and for a moment I can't tell whether it's film or video or a red or Alexa. Now I'm not saying that 5d3 ML raw is on the same level but I'm saying that some canon cameras could blend in way easier with the higher end cameras IMO. This is why top DPs in Hollywood, like Shane hurlbut, always praise canon above Sony or Panasonic. It just has that look that goes above Panasonic and Sony. 

    People may love that gh5 video look but I honestly love the filmic look and I take that above any feature any day. Plus I hardly ever shoot slow mo so all these specs are good but not needed for me. The canon image is still better even though they are behind the times lol

  10. 2 hours ago, DaveAltizer said:

    Sorry to de rail your question. Really depends on what your needs are. Sounds like you're a Canon fanboy so I'd say stick with Canon. The 5D IV has really nice 1080p at full frame with the AF. The MJPG isn't as much of a pain as people make it out to be. It's ONLY one small step of converting your footage. I own a 1DC and strategically plan when to convert to ProRes and go watch a show on Netflix or YouTube while it goes ;) 

    As soon as it's done I'm so happy with the color and the image quality. 

    By the way I convert to 4k ProRes LT with a low bitrate. It cuts my original file sizes by 1/3 and it plays on my Mac like butter. Super smooth and easy to edit natively off an external hard drive on my MacBook Pro and iMac  


    The first camera out of college I bought was the canon 5d mk ii and it was my work horse. And what's crazy is that the image still holds up today. Great and amazing camera. 

    Also I was actually considering the 1dc over the 5d iv but the DPAF calls out to me lol. How do you like your 1dc and if you could would u trade it for a 5 d iv? 

    2 hours ago, mercer said:

    If it were my money, and I could afford either, I'd go with the Mark IV. Just take a look at Vimeo, IMO there are way more nicer 5D4 videos than GH5 videos even taking the fact that the 5D4 has been out 6 months longer into account.

    Also, I find it peculiar that everybody gets the GH5 or the a7sii and then try their damnest to create this LUT or that LUT to get Canon color... Ummm...

    Or they buy this camera or that camera because it has focus peaking but then complain about its autofocus. With Canon you don't really need focus peaking because the DPAF will be spot on every time. 

    So true Mercer. I totally agree. I actually owned an A7s and, while it was a great camera, the color just wasn't doing it for me. I went through several cameras after that trying to figure out what was pleasing to me. I ended up shooting with an old 60d and fell back in love with canon for the easy menus and the wonderful colors. I could effortlessly use the camera and get a great image without so much work(wow I sound lazy lol).

    Also, I actually owned an UM4.6k and returned it for a c100 mki. Canons DPAF, low light capabilities, color, ease of use, and reliability all made my decision to come back to canon so easy. And I didn't need 4K so yea. 

    I guess my answer is becoming more clear guys! Canon, while stubborn and old fashioned, still tickles my fancy! lol I still will play around with my friends GH5 this weekend to see if I like it.

  11. 19 minutes ago, BenEricson said:

    The C100ii did, and that was only 3 years after the c300 was released, correct?

    I don't get how color is not a spec. I can't mess with that FS7 footage. How does a 6 year old F3 have a better image...

     I agree Ben. Color should be a spec. I guess what bugs me is the fact that canon seems to limit some of their cameras that can do more then what they're locked into doing.

    For example, look at the 5d iii and what the ML hack has been able to do with this cam. It shows the almost limitless capabilities that camera can do. But the 5d iii out of the box without jail breaking has hardly any video features. Why canon???

    So canon makes cameras that are capable of being amazing but just blocks this from us and tries to force us to upgrade our camera. :/

    And I get it. They don't want everyone buying just one of their cameras but that doesn't mean you completely make your dslrs crap. Look at Sony. Even though they have their FF mirrorless cams with a ton of video features people still buy a ton of fs5's and fs7's. I just don't get why canon can't do the same. 

    I mean canon is just now putting c-log on the 5d iv! LOL Why now? Why not when the camera was released? C'mon canon! It's pretty ridiculous IMO. 

  12. 2 hours ago, dbp said:

    Hopefully it'll have 4K 60p but I won't hold my breath.

    I highly doubt 4K 60p will be on that camera. Canon's lower end cameras have never had better features than their higher end cameras. Remember when the c300 first came out? They had 60p at 720p and the c100 didn't have any 60p Lol! 

    I don't think canon will be changing their style anytime soon although they should. But if they don't change things up, Sony will be surpassing them in camera sales within the next 5 years IMO. Sony is killing it with their FF mirrorless cameras. 

    I think canon doesn't get that people love specs and innovation. Even though canon has an overall better image they should not rely on that alone. They seem to not care what users are asking and needing. It's kind of annoying. I almost sometimes want to leave canon just because of their stubborn ways but their image brings me back :p

  13. 38 minutes ago, DaveAltizer said:

    C200 will more than likely have dual pixel autofocus, built in ND, flip out screen, compressed 4k, canon colors for the same or less price of a 1DX II. Seems like the perfect compromise to me. 

    Yea true. No matter how many times I try to leave canon I end up staying because of that wonderful image. Canon colors are just so juicy! Lol 

    So hoping the c200 will be a game changer! 

  14. All good points. And yes the C200. Wonder how much canon will hold back on that one lol. They usually hold back a lot of features on the lower models. 

    This is why the new Panasonic cine cam excites me. Panasonic doesn't hold back as you can see with the GH5. 

    I wish this decision was easier lol. A friend of mine has a GH5 I guess I'll play with his. I just never really liked the GH lines image as much. Looks too videoy. I hope GH5 is different. 

  15. I know the gh5 and 5d iv are two different beasts but just want to know what everyone thinks? Considering getting one of them to go along side my c100 mk I. 

    I'd love to stick with canon but could benefit from some of the features the gh5 has. I do corporate work; testimonials, docs, short films etc. 

    I'm also considering getting the gh5 and later upgrading from the c100 to that new Panasonic cine cam that was teased at NAB. Of course it's an unknown camera and there's no way to know if it's gonna be better than the canon c100 but just letting y'all know what I'm thinking. 

    I love canon and love the look but I'm considering going to a company that is constantly innovating and that is constantly thinking of the user. Canon has the best image and colors, in my price range, IMO but features are boring and outdated. Man I don't want to leave canon but I keep drooling over what Panasonic is doing. Lol 

    Anyways what y'all think? Image or innovation? 

  16. 8 hours ago, Rinad Amir said:

    @omar it was halve priced for months if i remember 

    Yea that's exactly my point. Once canon drops prices they never bring them back up. And if they do bring it back up they never bring it up that high. It's a shocker for me. 

  17. 16 minutes ago, Geoff CB said:

    Always test a camera yourself. A lot of people dislike the Sony look. But that's also because the Sony cameras have such a array of options to create your own look, canon has the fast turn around. With Sony you have to develop your own workflow. I personally love it, enjoy the look that I've created on my A7r II.

    4.6K Fantastic if your shooting a movie at 800 iso. Incredible image with wide DR. However, 1600 is near unusable and it has no ND filters. It is not an event camera. Also you need a lot of light to use the Slow motion option on that camera.

    I would rent a FS5 for a weekend and see what you think.

    Thanks for your input Geoff. Very good points. 

    I honestly am the guy to buy the camera without renting it first but I do realize that it's not the smartest thing to do. So I think for the first time I will rent first and buy later. 

    I actually have used the ursa mini 4K before and was not happy with the image or DR, but I hear the 4.6k is way better so I'll probably rent that too. 

    The amount of the features the fs5 has is what draws me but the image of the 4.6k is what draws me. So I feel so torn right now but that's why I'll rent first. So borrowlens.com here I come! Lol

    i will probably be doing a video on my tests of both cameras and make a video on why I chose which camera.

    I'll post the video for the 2 people interested  in my dilemma on this thread LOL. 

  18. 35 minutes ago, mercer said:

    Could you rent a camera specifically for that client. Because that C100ii will pay for itself in no time. 

    Since I do a lot of projects for this client it would make more sense to buy a camera suitable for their upcoming projects. But I still wouldn't know what I would get with the budget I have.

  19. 14 minutes ago, mercer said:

    Did your c100 arrive yet... How do you like it?

    Yes, I like it a lot but a client I work with is saying he thinks it's best getting a 4K camera that has high speed(more than 60fps)for the projects that I do for him. Of course he says this right after I purchase the camera ?. He's one of my bigger clients so It's really got me thinking. 

     So I've been considering returning the cam and getting a 4K option but I'm stuck. I want canon but there's nothing in my price range that's 4K and has the option of interchangeable lenses. 

    So now I'm thinking ursa mini 4.6k or fs5. I like the xc15 but I need the ability to change lenses. 

    What do you guys think? I'm kind of in a frustrating situation because I obviously need to keep this client happy. 

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