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  1. I wouldn't bet on that. They're announcing the thing in two, three days, I don't know when would they have time for another video. One thing, after finally watching all the released ones, I got interested in what they don't talk about. And, as you've implied, still no mention of video and no mention of how amazing AF is going to be. Why? But then again, I'm getting dragged into reading-the-future-from-a-crystal-ball mentality.
  2. Maybe the guy is a Lithuanian basketball center turned spontaneous hipster moment catcher... It's all matter of context.
  3. At least you laughed while watching it...
  4. Hold my beer! ? I'm addressing the dramatic and false narrative that seeped into otherwise fun, speculative conversation we're here for. While keeping open to many sources is a great thing, are they all equally valid and valuable? If the whole business model of youtube is to attract views, what does that say of the general intention and direction of the narrative there? I have never come across him before so I've made an effort to see some of his videos, visited his website, and generally informed myself about him from what he presented online. I agree with you, he doesn't seem
  5. Haven't you mentioned a couple of times you're not a representative sample for the market? The gentleman you've mentioned has to say that Nikon has to surpass Sony or that Fuji has to do something else because that's how he attracts views. You'll go there for confirmation of your opinions, someone else will go again because they are 'fanboys'. It's like a tabloid war. You think it's about right and wrong. And in reality, it's about the number of views and engagements. - Do you think Nikon or Canon market decisions are guided by the video users' needs? - Do you think their 'fu
  6. But then it's not fun!!!
  7. And a G Master unicorn to pull the focus with its horn and swing the tail to help dissipate the heat. And a little pink bow tie ? Sorry, I didn't mean to be rude or harsh. I like reading your posts. But to repeat myself, the biggest thing Nikon is achieving now is putting out a new infrastructure. Something they can build different form factors and functions around, something to set a new ecosystem that even future DSLRs will be based around. And people are lazy, especially photographers. They won't leave Sony equipment because Nikon puts IBIS and PDAF. Just like people didn't s
  8. I wanted RX1R (in all its iterations) to be a more reliable, straight forward tool. I must have stopped by it twenty times in stores. But to move to Nikon mirrorless - whatever they end up releasing now, I would like for the 'mount-sensor-processor' trinity to allow for different forms now and in future. To be able to make a small(ish) basic camera, with 3 or 4 fps, decent hybrid viewfinder, another one for people who are primarily filming, one with 850 approach. Even fit a sensor larger than FF. Something that's been bugging me for years, ever since switching to digital. It's about
  9. Is it true that it is not a true raw format? Reading it like this, it sounds like an idiotic question. It comes from the conversation on the newsshooter where that seems to be the conclusion.
  10. Danko

    GH4 sky banding

    I agree I am, but this jerk face prefers when people stick to the topic and keep conversation productive and to the point. This same comment on G7 pops up left and right, whether related to them or not, sometimes twice in the same topic. Now, leave me out of your future contemplations and prayers, warrior.
  11. Danko

    GH4 sky banding

    Man, with all due respect, we got it.
  12. Danko

    GH4 sky banding

    I saw your post few days ago and only today got around to look at the projects. I found only one instance, a pretty bad one. When I looked into it better, I realised it was pushed hard, hard. Over the past few years I've been filming corporates for two agencies and almost raped the London skyline to the extent that I have it in some iteration up to three times in four, five minute finals. I don't have banding in these shots, no matter what profile I used. Even internal V log looks good, but it's always scaled down to 1080 and Juan Melara's luts (used it with red and wanted to try and keep
  13. Upressing makes sense when printing to send the native ppi-s to the printer drive. Following the same logic, client may ask you the same for when they are being asked to deliver a certain size, ppi, colour space for prepress. In the end, it all revolves around interpolation and sharpening. It starts with initial sharpening of the input file, interpretation of the raw file. Then there are several specialised programs for interpolation but few years ago adobe bought a great one and output resizing with output sharpening (adobe has bought and incorporated a technology for this as well)
  14. I don't think they are aiming for a small form. At least not compared to dslrs. Most of their public communication goes to try and point that the image quality is compared to mf. People using the cameras are often people who have a history with larger than 35mm formats. Cameras seem to be rather slow and demand patient operating. So, in their own universe I think Sigma is on its own path. What really intrigues me are the formats of the jpgs that they put in as default, first two are clearly video and film ratios, 16:9 and 21:9 (~2.35:1). Top sensitivity is 6400ASA so it's hard to expect t
  15. http://www.sigma-global.com/en/cameras/sd-series/ I've printed from older versions of the sensor, if it's anything like that it's second to none. It's only now I see that they've kept the SA mount. Interesting choice...
  16. If anyone is really interested I will sit down and find the article and point to it.
  17. If memory serves me well, there was an article in American Cinematographer few years ago where a representative from Arri or one of the camera makers complained that at the industry meeting where the were trying to push to high standards of 1080 distribution (high color accuracy, representation of whites, dynamic range, to summarize - true picture quality) they were pushed aside by the very producers of the cameras that we all rave about (Sony, Panasonic, Samsung) because they were invested in production and marketing of television sets and believed that resolution (being quantifiable) is what
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