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    Daniel Nuss reacted to Hans Punk in What's your favorite action movie?   
    Léon A.K.A 'The Professional' is not only my favourite Action film, but probably my favourite film all round.
    Young Luc Besson at his finest, drawing upon his real life admirations from an illegally young girl...add guns, Portman, Reno and a crazy ass Oldman performance all in glorious Anamorphic, you have a winner right there.

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    Daniel Nuss reacted to Zak Forsman in What's your favorite action movie?   
    Die Hard is great at any time, but especially during xmas.

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    Daniel Nuss got a reaction from Jimmy in Narrative VR filmmaking   
    I'm excited as well by the potential vr has. I've been playing around just with google cardboard. I was watching some simple video clips of my son taken on my iphone. When played in the vr player with cardboard, it felt like i was there reliving the memory.
    What i am most excited about 360 VR for family videos is perspective! Normally my videos are of my son or wife for instance. I am not in the video since im filming. With the ability to capture in 360, i can follow my son like normal, but if my son or wife or myself wants to watch it, lets say a few years from now. I/she/he can decide to watch watch what they're doing or watch the other people who were there.
    It's funny looking at old photographs of myself when i was a kid. What the photograph shows might be me in front of a monument, but what i was actually seeing while the shutter sprung was the person with the camera, but i don't have that memory anymore. Only the photo, but, if you shot in 360. You could have both! 
    I'm excited that by christmas there will be a couple affordable 360 cameras that will be out. The nikon action camera and the vuze camera are the two I'm most looking forward to. 
    For narrative, I agree with you that for 360 fov is too much. It only works if you have a swivel chair and there is usually too much to focus on, so it's difficult as a filmmaker to have you audience look where you want them to, so they don't miss it. Also transitions will be a mess.  I think 180 FOV is where filmmakers should begin with for the reasons you mentioned. You still feel present with the VR experience, but you don't feel like you are missing something that could be behind you. And you won't look like a total idiot if you are using vr on a plane or in public. 
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    Daniel Nuss reacted to fuzzynormal in I am depressed by the lack of articles on this blog.   
    I'm an older guy and grew up in the age of publishing. Magazines were an enthusiasts connection to new developments. 
    As such, I'm perfectly happy with the pace of content on EOSHD. It ebbs and flows with gear development.  And doesn't that make the most sense? 
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    Daniel Nuss reacted to M Carter in I am depressed by the lack of articles on this blog.   
    And can I throw in one more rant-ism - what the f*cking F*CK is with all the "unboxing reviews". I really, really don't give a rat's what the corporate packaging department came up with. It's just more clickbait, by people who only now how to open a damn box.
    Whhew. I feel much better now.
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    Daniel Nuss got a reaction from mercer in Ikan VL5e?   
    I have no experience with that model but i do recommend the ikan dh5 monitor which is only $100 more. You can flip the image and the display is 1080p. Also it is very light weight and takes canon or sony batteries. For pulling focus the added resolution to me is worth it!
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    Daniel Nuss reacted to Ed_David in Film shot on Olympus E-m5 mark ii   
    Here it is!
    We recorded hdmi 8-bit 4:2:2 out of it and went to the odyssey
    skin tones overall are nice!  and stabilization is amazing.
     The camera was interesting to use - especially considering that it's a 200 ASA camera and has moire and dynamic range challenges - sometimes this is interesting to have to maximize something with limitations. It's difficult, but I guess it disciplines you.
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    Daniel Nuss reacted to Ed_David in Chatterhead. Short film i shot on the Sony F65.   
    My short film - Chatterhead! Please share!! Thank you guys so much for your feedback - let me know what you think.
    Shot on the F65.
    Super easy to bring into resolve.
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