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  1. UPDATE ILCE-7SM2 Camera Firmware UpdateRelease Date4/26/2016Version2.10File Size254.43 MBDOWNLOAD File Description This utility updates the ILCE-7SM2 camera firmware to version 2.10 and provides the following benefits: Improvement over version 2.00: Allows the camera to record XAVCS format video with an SDHC card in addition to SDXC card. Notes: When an SDHC memory card is used to record movies in XAVC S format over extended periods of time, the recorded movies will be divided into files of 4 GB, and the divided files can then be integrated into a single file usin
  2. In that case, that's beyond insane!
  3. I've already done all these things in my small career. Doc, news, corporate, wedding... but I never covered a war or something like that, so It was really insane to me all the running and paranoia involved in doing that. It could be easy for someone, but it wasn't for me. Exactly... Thanks! I used the APSC mode in the car shots and didn't notice any huge rolling shutter issue. I'll see again and post here later.
  4. Hey, Guys. I wanna share my last job. It was a completely insane run and gun stealth job for a local artist making an urban intervention. Gear used: A7r II, Sony FE 28mm F/2 (always in f/2) and Sigma ART 50mm with a Fotodiox adaptador (only a few shots). Settings: 4k 24fps, Full frame and Crop Mode. Color: Autumn Leaves -1 -2 -3. Used clear zoom in some shots too. AWB in all shots (specially horrible in sodium lights) The great pro of this setup was the weight and the fact that it was perfect for point and shoot. I didn't have time to prepare, light or anything else. Probably
  5. I've got the same "problem" with A7r II, but it's not difficult to fix it in Davinci Resolve.
  6. Gpanazio

    Sony a6300 4k

    They'll probably use something worse. Ok, It's not very often, but I've seen a lot of Panasonic Fz 220 in the recent past.
  7. Sony A7r II has almost everything you want: - Amazing 42.4-megapixel stills. - Great 4k S35 - Good 4k Full Frame - IBIS - Lowlight - Timelapse function for $10 - Great EVF Battery life isn't great, but you can have tons of batteries, It's not a deal breaker. I don't find too difficult to reach good colors with Slog 2, a couple of nodes in Davinci and everything looks great, even skintones. For some very fast jobs (internet, news), you can set a good color straight out of the camera.
  8. Gpanazio

    Sony a6300 4k

    The B cam I was waiting for to pair with my A7r II.
  9. I was searching for something like this: - Put all MPEG files on a list - Choose output specifications for audio (loudness) and video (bitrate, size, etc) - Encode all the files - New mpeg2 files with the same audio level.
  10. But then i'll have to relink the audio in video manually, one by one, no? Yes, we use -23 LUFS.
  11. I work on a small cable tv channel here in Brazil and we're struggling with audio differences between the pieces. When I was hired, I've created a manual with the specs for the editors and things were improved, but we have hundreds of files in our storage from a previous period. Anyone here has any experience with some software to help with that? We're working with mpeg2 SD (and you complaining about 4k 8bits). Thanks!
  12. The same thing when you shoot a regular video.
  13. It doesn't overheat in 1080p (will overheat in 4k). I've recorded for four hours yesterday in the sun and nothing happened. The battery life was one per hour.
  14. It's the same mount and the same adaptor. Where did you buy it?
  15. Thanks, guys. It's a very difficult decision for me. I have to choose, import, pay taxes (or smugglers) wait a few weeks and if don't like it, I have to sell on "Ebay"! And then choose again, import... Third world problems. Any thoughts on this monitor: http://www.amazon.com/MustHD-M601-5-6-Inch-1280x800-On-Camera/dp/B00PL8B8P2 ? Thanks again.
  16. All this work to shoot at this shit ISO.
  17. They'll build something with Samsung tech that can make use of the Nikon F- mount. Anything different from that would be a surprise.
  18. That functionality would definitely help me to convince my wife that we need to buy it. I liked the Lilliput, It seems very nice. Thanks! If someone release a Smartphone or tablet with HDMI input, will be the end of field monitors. Imagine the ton of possibilities with apps and wifi transmissions. I'll take a look. Thanks!
  19. That's really bad. You can't trust in a thing like this. I'll try the painting stuff and see what happens.
  20. That's funny. I've used Canon for 5 years and just bought an A7r II. The feeling i got it's that i'm really using a piece of technology and this is one of my favourite things about using Sony.
  21. Hello, guys. I'm in an endless search for a good and "cheap" field monitor. I have an Atomos Ninja 2 and I like it, but he's terrible as a monitor. It's realy, realy ugly. I was looking the new Blackmagic monitor and recorder, but I'm not confident about the color quality of his image (some say it's good, some say it's not good). Small hd is too expensive for me, unfortunately. I need a monitor with good color/exposure accuracy to use on an gimbal with the A7r II. Any ideas? Thanks
  22. Anyone here tried to paint inside the fotodiox with some black ink? I've read something about this on an Amazon review. I really don't wanna spend $400, my money worth four times less than the "usual" (Brazil) and I just spent my soul buying the A7r II. (Plus, I've already bought the Fotodiox and there's no "going back", the only way is to sell for somebody).
  23. Just bought one too, but I'm keeping a 6D for some still jobs.
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