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  1. On a6300 with Milvus 35mm I am coming up with a pretty severe magenta cast across my whites and yellows. No interior lighting. Cloudy sky. The problem remains across the board with various WB temperature settings. Second picture is a snap with the iPhone6 which is representing very true colours as seen via AWB. The skintones I am getting are far too red / magenta as well. My blacks are getting teal undertones. A simple look at the color wheel shows me that there is an overall shift in phase towards blues. I've double checked the settings. As is, the results I am getting in my initial tests are more along the lines of a punchy creative LUT than a dialed in color profile. Any pointers?
  2. I found it very odd that the noise was significantly higher in 1080p compared to 4k modes either FF or S35. Seems it is a completely different readout mode and not a downsampling of the 4k image, which is super clean at the same ISO ratio.
  3. I returned mine. Too many flaws for reliable professional use. Of course this is just my opinion and some folks will go out to do wonderful things with this camera. I've come to believe that Canon is being a lot more serious about their hardware. They don't care about hype, they care about producing professional tools, while Sony seems to have in interest in dominating the consumer market with "rushed-to-market" bombs that blow away the competition on paper only. I'm waiting for the 5d IV or a used 1Dc for 3500 Euros
  4. @NTBLOWZ it appears there are two types of sound. One constant humming even if IBIS is off and the slight rattling of the IBIS adjusting when it is on. The hum is very constant and it really resembles the sound of a fan. Update: Got heat warning at around 25 minutes of rec time in 4k FF mode. It finished up to 30, then I swapped the battery as it was down to 6% and resumed record. The heat warning was gone. The battery change was performed very quickly. This is giving me hopes that the heat issue is in part due to battery adding heat in the body and this can be perhaps remedied by using a battery grip, or a battery dummy / external battery solution.
  5. I can't seem to get IBIS to turn off using the Metabones Ultra Speedbooster. The option is greyed out, greyed out being ON and the Symbol for IBIS is displayed on screen while recording as well. Not to seem alarmist or annoying, but can anyone confirm the camara has an internal fan? Because if you put it to your ear the camera in fact does rattle and hum, which is kind of new to me.
  6. quick update before the full test: Overheating seems to be less in FF mode. I've reached the 30 minute mark without a heat warning in FF mode, whereas in S35 mode heat warning was reached at about 15 minutes and the camera shut down at 20 minutes. IBIS was on for FF test, but camera was resting on the table.
  7. Hi Mike! No, that's another good one to test. I promise to do a full report, any other suggestions?
  8. Good one, I haven't tried FF for overheat yet as I am still waiting for a non speedbooster adaptor, but I will test this now and force it to use FF with the Speedbooster. Edit: Some amount of heat will be coming from the internal battery as well. I will test powering it externally as well, but you guys will have to wait till tomorrow for a followup on that.
  9. picked up my a7r II today and the very first thing I did was see how it handles long takes. 20 minutes of record time in 4k 100 Mbit before the camera overheats and shuts off. You get a warning message something along these lines before it goes blank though: "Camera too hot. Let it cool down." How coy Sony. This has to be addressed or I will have to return the camera. The s35 Jello is disappointing, but something I can deal with by sticking to FF mode for most of my shots. The camera overheating makes it a very bad choice for any kind of documentary or live recording. Its one of those things you can't explain your client. Imagine missing the moment because the camera overheated in room-temp. I am sure it can handle longer takes in 1080p, but lets not try to find reasons to make something broken acceptable. I hope there is a way Sony can correct this, but it seems like more of a heat sink issue rather than something that can be fixed with a firmware update.
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