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  1. Hi all, so in the same vein as a previous post in this forum. Here's another video for the Sony No Limits competition! Be awesome if you guy could give this a watch... And a like if you like it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Brvi7Zv-F2o&feature=youtu.be In exchange for your time and patience for my blatant self promotion I am more than happy to answer any and all questions you have of my experience shooting footage with the A7rii. I use it as my main camera for all my work. I still have a Canon 5dmkiii as backup but that'll soon be replaced with an a7sII when funds allow! To give you a little breakdown of this particular film, main lenses and equipment used: Sony A7rii ( 4k Slog-2 )Sony FE 55mm 1.8 SonnarSony FE 28mm f2Tamron 24-70mm 2.8 ISCanon 70-200m 2.8 ii ISSigma ART 35mm 1.4Metabones IV AdaptorDJI Ronin-MBackacheAtomos Ninja AssassinIt was shot, edited, graded by myself. More info on a blog post: http://www.alexpasquini.com/blog/2015/10/30/no-limits-a-short-film-for-the-sony-fs5-competition Again, apologies for the blatant self promotion but as said i'm more than happy to share any experience if anyone is interested, cheers!
  2. Thanks AJ! Everything was manual focus. As far as I'm aware constant automatic focus in video mode is only available with (some) Sony lenses. Auto focus in stills mode using the metabones adapter is very fast though. Would love to try an auto focus video lens! I'm jumping back and forth constantly at the moment actually. Which is a bit of a pain as you can't customise it to a shortcut, you have to constantly go into the menu to switch over. At a guess I'd say more full frame at the moment, to get the most width out of my lenses and an an old habit coming from a 5dmk3. I imagine using FF the most, better rolling shutter, wider lenses and then using the super 35 if I need extra length or I think a shot really could benefit from having the maximum quality. Eg. A scene with lots of potential for moiré I would try and use super 35 just in case. Early days still!
  3. Yeah that's how I feel. About 50% of my work requires running about like a mad man and 50% locked off on a tripod. I know that the majority of that mad-man time a camera like the Ursa Mini will just slow me down. Perhaps i'll try to save up for one, depending on reviews but for now I need tthat small form factor an a7rii/dslr gives me.
  4. All the beach stuff was hand held. As was mucking about with dog in field. And my dad at the end. The model-sequel shots were tripod as was the industrial shots. Steady shot is great, especially helpful on the canon 50mm 1.4. Not sure if it's actual 5 axis or just regular. Either way something is working! No overheating as yet but tend to have only shot in quite shorts junks. Max 1-2 minute clips so far
  5. Thanks Emanuel. Youtube 4k version: http://youtu.be/0o6olPXUcNU blog post: http://www.alexpasquini.com/blog/2015/8/5/sony-a7rii-from-canon-to-sony-day-4
  6. A little different from some of the recent tests I've seen. Less technical, more hectic! I really just wanted to get out there with my new camera and get a feel for the physical aspect (coming from a Canon 5dm3, gaining that muscle memory for new button layouts), using as many features as possible (ff, s35, stabilisation, slow-mo) and seeing what kind of footage I could get out of it in quick fire situations. No grading, all straight from camera with a custom Picture Profile. Cheers! a little more info on my blog too: http://www.alexpasquini.com/blog/2015/8/1/from-canon-to-sony-hands-on-with-the-new-sony-a7rii-4k-camera
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