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  1. Does anyone know if it makes a difference in terms of sound quality to record audio with external mic connected to gh4 sound input vs ninja star direct input?
  2. Hi there, So my prod classmates and I shot this (remote) adaptation of Hamlet called HANNAH last year, as a 3 part miniseries. I'm pretty much done with the edit, but haven't really worked much on color grading before. Some of the color shifts represent different times of day/locations, but others could use some tweaking. Also haven't really tried adjusting the overall color "mood" yet. General feedback also welcome of course! Shot on GH4 V log L, 1080p 10bit external, arri lut applied in color finale. Here are the episodes, password is hannah https://vimeo.com/152123654 https://vimeo.com/152125584 https://vimeo.com/152127259 Thanks! Manuel
  3. Thanks! Yes that was the intention. In the film framework, the two are "under observation"
  4. Thanks again. This was very helpful. Due to a way too tight shooting schedule I had to throw most of my glorious plans out of the window but here is how it went down (there is more before and after in the final film of course). Sound and colors in rough stage. Pw: hannah
  5. Haha yes. Oh well. Will just wait for the price of the smallHD 501 to come down or pick up a used one I guess. Too bad the DP4 doesn't have LUT capacity, otherwise it would be perfect. I detest Nespresso though! But on a more serious note, why are decent monitors more expensive than a top of the line smartphone with big hi-res screen? Wish someone would make an app for that.There is probably something I'm missing here...
  6. I would be interested in this as well, to use with the with the atomos ninja star. The smaller the better, must be able to load LUTs for previewing LOG footage and ideally running on Sony series batteries. Hmm...
  7. Speaking of Hamlet - trying this crowdfunding thing for the first time - feel free to send 4 or 10 bucks our way in the Philippines if you like Shakespeare and gender-bending! http://www.artisteconnect.com/projects/hannah
  8. Thanks! I thought you were supposed to not downscale from gh4 for best quality. But i have 2 days to figure this out before I am shooting Hamlet
  9. Finally got my ninja star, yay. So I set gh4 to c4k, hdmi output to 10 bit 422, 4k downscale to off, and start recording via record button on the star, is that it? The star will downscale the 4k signal automatically? Can't start recording on the camera with these settings. Oh and if I record sound from a mic, does it make a difference if I plug the cable into the gh4 or the ninja star? Thanks!
  10. I love it, even for internal recording. Can't wait to try it with the Ninja Star while being patient for a 4k external recorder without screen.
  11. Hi, can't test it right now so here goes a possibly silly question. Can a vari ND filter at minimal darkening setting double as a polarizer filter when it comes to eliminating reflections, as it's basically 2 polarizing filters stacked on top of each other? Got a shoot inside a car coming up and knowing this would be very helpful. Thanks!
  12. Got a pretty irresistible deal on a ninja star with two atomos 128gb CFast cards and can't wait to try this out soon to get the most out of VLog Any specific tips for using this combo?
  13. Thanks everyone, this helped me loads. Will let you know how it all went down in about a month!
  14. Hi there, For an upcoming short/miniseries we will likely have to use a 2cam setup due to limited shooting time. While I would love to use the vlogged GH4 and grade with filmconvert all the way, for some dialogue scenes and grabs we will need to use the GH2 to stay on schedule. Has anyone worked with this particular setup before? I would imagine you could get a pretty close match with FC using the same film stock, but what GH2 settings (and hacks) would yield the closest match? I will also experiment a bit with this in the coming weeks and post here if there is interest in this setup.
  15. Thanks! Not too inclined to go into drug taking habits on a public forum but do feel free to send me a PM with specific ideas regarding ecstasy. If sound/music is to be adjusted midway into the scene, would probably boost bass and treble while reducing the mid-tones and find a way to make it sound fuzzy but detailed if that's possible. Shots could transition from medium to close-ups within the scene. Whip pans and the "invisible cut" editing technique discussed in the watchtower of turkey thread over at the main forum could help, too. Maybe a slight color shift to the warmer side.
  16. Thanks! That was super helpful. Will check out those that I don't know already (I recently watched Pi and yes, there is quite a bit of inspiration there). The scene will likely be in a car at night and visuals and sound would be subtly yet substantially altered after taking the pill. Lots to play with in terms of city lights here, so that could go some way.
  17. I'm thinking mostly sound. Ideas/references welcome!
  18. I've never dabbled with his myself but just read this interview with the watchtowers of turkey filmmaker the other day - he used gh3 and fcpx and shares a lot about his workflow. http://www.fcp.co/final-cut-pro/articles/1582-watchtower-of-turkey-a-stunning-piece-of-cinematic-editing-and-sound-design-created-in-final-cut-pro-x-gets-nominated-best-of-vimeo-2014
  19. thanks for the comment! I think in this case it works (for me) but you're right that it wasn't necessarily conscious. Will watch out for that. Anyway, would be interested in seeing more FC applications to vlog l footage and learn more about it so please feel free to share here.
  20. Thoughts? Did a quick regrade (and slight re-edit) of a short that we shot over a weekend a few weeks back. Seems useful to me but I am I am new to this game So thoughts and pointers appreciated.
  21. I understand the temptation and was in the same boat. For financial reasons I went down the GH4 route and couldn't be happier. For low light I am using the sigma 30/1.4 with speedbooster xl and honestly can't complain about low light capabilities (and certainly not about DoF). We shot a few scenes pretty much in the dark with minimal artificial light, and to me, they look good. And by now I somewhat prefer the handheld+chest brace look over the stabilized footage from my stolen Olympus OMD EM5, but matter of taste I guess. I'm also using the Pilotfly H1+ and it's smooth enough for me. Can probably look even better if I dig a bit deeper into the settings. So with all that, I arrived at a setup where I can't use lacking gear as an excuse to not shoot anymore, which is all I needed I am definitely going to stick with the system and am pretty sure that the GH5 will have IBIS. Also, it should be easier and cheaper to innovate technologically on smaller sensor sizes, so let's see what Panasonic has in store for us.
  22. Does it have to be used on speedbooster? I'm under the strong impression that the angenieux 17-68 2.2 is parfocal and it almost covers the gh4 4k crop. With minimal cropping in post it should be roughly 50-200 FF equivalent.
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