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  1. My X-T4 visually adjusts the exposure in video mode although the ISO, shutter and exposure are set to specific numbers. Anyone know the solution? Brushed the while menu and got no idea
  2. Exactly. Can’t imagine why.
  3. Hello guys, I'm coming back to this subject. I have the RX100 IV camera. There's 1 thing that I'd love to find a solution for. For some weird reason this camera not only doesn't have a single shot focus mode in video mode but it doesn't have it at all whenever you press the REC button. Anyone know the solution?
  4. Thanks guy. I'll probably stay in M-mode to at least lock aperture and shutter without pressing anything. UGHH We are sorry to learn that you are unable to find a certain focus mode to suit video shooting. With reference to your enquiry regarding the various focus modes, we would like to clarify that if you shoot movies when Focus Mode is set to Single-shot AF or DMF, the Focus Mode will automatically change to (Continuous AF) and then continue to focus. SONY SUPPORT TEAM
  5. MaxKitaev

    Sony RX100 4

    Hello, can anyone help me with focusing please. I'm looking for a basic feature I haven't found on my SONY RX100m4. It's the single shot autofocus for video. You know that basic autofocus when you press a button > camera focuses > you press recording. Just like all the cameras have. I can only see AFC and MF in video mode. Okay, I go to M-mode. There are 4 options. AFS, AFC, DMF, MF. AFS behaves just like AFC and keeps focusing all the time. Weird. DMF actually does what I'm looking for. But what about video mode? Thank you
  6. Mine freaks out quite often and ruins longer shots.
  7. I can only find constant 2.8 lens not 2.6-2.8. do you know if it has the same characteristics?
  8. this is very useful. i might buy it. not expensive and since it's parfocal sounds like a option for me. Thank you doesn't have to. thank you do you mean hard stops for zoom? how is that? i'd need to pull the zoom smoothly from 28 to 70 and keep the focus? will this lens do it?
  9. Thank you Brian. This is a helpful info. I think before adjusting my speedbooster i'd need to decide on the more or less parfocal lens to rent. I don't own anything but canon ef 24-105 3.5-5.6 stm so would need to rent some.
  10. Absolutely agree. I should have clarified this. 70-200 is too long for my project. Looking into 25-100 lenses.
  11. yeah, but on GH4 this will be only good to film the moon in details. i'm looking into 24-70, 24-105 focal length to shoot portraits almost like in the reference i attached.
  12. Hello everyone, I'm using GH4/G7 with Speedbooster XL an looking for a lens that won't lose focus when i zoom in. Basically i'm trying to achieve this zoom effect: https://vimeo.com/141729555 What would be the best EF lens for that? Or even a panasonic lens that can do it? I've seen a lot of arguing about 24-105 f4 lens that some people mention works well some say it loses focus. Also, i heard that speedboster ruins it while the lens may keep focus on full frame. Please help. Thank you
  13. Can somebody help me to figure out how to make autofocus work on G7 with Speedbooster and 24-105 3.5-5.6 STM canon lens. I've seen autofocus being mentioned on metabones website but my camera shows MF on the screen all the time whatever setting i make. i'm not actually in need of Auto focus much but was interested if it's a working feature at all
  14. I have a new Panasonic G7 with Metabones speed booster and 28-135 (3.5-5.6) Canon lens. I'm not happy with Canon's IS. I'm suspecting it's only in 4K. The shots look good when i switch to 1080/60p. I'll do some tests this week but i'm not happy with stabilization at all. Many shots look like the stabilization was off. The IS is actually working but just doesn't deliver well. It's nothing compares to Nikon's VR. Can anyone share experience of using Canon IS lenses with GH4 or G7?
  15. I had sold my Nikon lenses and bought the G7 with 14-140 lens. Nikon was great and steady but old enough. I liked the new Panny G7 but I noticed the jitter right away. I sold the lens on Ebay and bought the Metabones speed booster with a 28-135 Canon lens. It's better but Canon's stabilizer doesn't seem to work great. I'm guessing only in 4K. But it's nothing compares to Nikon's VR. I'll do some tests this week but i'm not happy with stabilization at all.
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