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  1. 2 minutes ago, sanveer said:

    Whoa !!! Where did you get this pic from? Is it for real? Have Panasonic REALLY listened to smart users, instead to fools who were praising the Brick Yaaaaagggghhh

    Rogers urls above

  2. GH4R is also official. Same as GH4, with V-Log and no time limit for recording.

    Really unlimited? There still reads:

    • One of the most prominent features of Panasonic LUMIX GH4 is unlimited*2 4K video recording in both Cinema 4K: 4096x2160 / 24 fps, and QFHD 4K: 3840x2160 / up to 30 fps
    • *2 Videos can be recorded up to 29 min 59 sec depending on the recording format and the camera's sales area.


    Or maybe unlimited when not in EU, or compared to overheating Sony.

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