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  1. Yeah 1.1 is the top one. Unfortunately still no S35/FF Toggle as a custom key
  2. Hot pixel issue has been fixed in Firmware 1.1 - see my comparison pictures between 1.0 and 1.1 Light is very different because the firmware update took like 30mins or so and it went completely dark by that time. So Version 1.0 had more light and F6.3... with firmware 1.1 I set it to F3.5 just because it was much darker. ISO was set to 100 and I pushed the image +5 stops in lightroom. If anyone wants the RAW files... I can upload them.
  3. m~Daniel

    Great article

    On topic: Great article! It really is a "true story". If I'd invest the time I spend on the internet to research new gear on actually taking images... well - I guess that would be more effective than buying the 3rd camera body this year.... ._.
  4. I guess it won't work with IBIS enabled... how should the device know how much correction IBIS is doing when the algorithms are based on acceleration sensor.
  5. Can confirm... works without problem on my S6 and Note 5.
  6. m~Daniel

    Pilotfly H1+

    You can buy it here: http://pilotfly.de/ - I ordered mine from the german shop - no problems at all.
  7. m~Daniel

    Pilotfly H1+

    Also got the H1+ ... just an awesome tool, I hardly use a tripod any longer. Btw... it works with the NX1 + the 16-50 S lens. Battery life suffers a little bit but it does work, but I prefer to use the small pancakes on the NX1 when using the gimbal.
  8. There should be a camera with Samsung's processor know-how, Sony's sensor know-how and Olympus' IBIS know-how
  9. Okay, will check that on the weekend and report back!
  10. I do have Windows 10 and OSX Yosemite in a Dual Boot setup on my editing machine (4790K, 2 GTX970, 64GB RAM) ... never been a huge fan of Windos 8(.1) - Windows 10 is awesome though. I didn't register any major performance differences between OSX and Windows but I only use Resolve for 2-3 weeks now... I can do some benchmarks if you want - and if you tell me what exactly you would need
  11. ​He probably wasn't talking about the lens converter but the h.265 --> h.264 converter?
  12. I used the A7s and the NX1 for 3 weeks in parallel and just sent back the NX1. It's not a bad camera at all - no, actually it is in many point a better camera than the A7s. But I don't know - every time I look at the videos and stills of the A7s it is something "magic" that the NX1 didn't have. I can't even say what it is. With the Picture Profile I found at dvxuser the skin tones are good - altough the ones from the NX1 are better. NX1 is MUCH better in terms of rolling shutter when comparing the 1080p modes (A7 in FF mode). Also the handling of the NX1 is better. I was at a point where I was ready to part with the A7s, but I really regretted it while packing this thing up ... so I had a second unboxing afterswards... It was hard to send back the NX1 too but at this point (as a beginner) I can't - by any means - justify keeping two expensive cameras. Gonna invest the money into a Gimbal and some lighting now
  13. Had the idea with the pi2 as well. But given the fact that it doesn't have hardware h.265 support I would say this is close to impossible when considering that my quad i7 really doesn't seem to have that much fun when ENcoding h.265.
  14. What I'd really love to see: a 4k Recorder (probalby h.265 - might need much processor power though?) in the form factor of the atomos ninja. I don't need an external display as in the shogun... Could be an interesting DIY project but probably financially too expensive...
  15. Very interesting! What do you use to record the actual hdmi input?
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