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  1. Apple is likely interested in acquiring RED for their hydrogen and raw patents as well as help for their new Apple TV+ service. Attacking the legitimacy of the patents is probably just part of their negotiating. I believe this will all be revealed around the nearing Mac Pro launch... including talks of how easy it is to playback 8K on it in real time, 

  2. I have a strong feeling the S1 will have ProRes RAW available over HDMI out via a paid firmware update AND I'm hoping we see "Atomos RAW" at NAB as well so we're not restricted to editing in FCPX. Seems like compressed RAW, internal and external, is going to be one of the key focuses at NAB this year. 

  3. 12 hours ago, Neumann Films said:

    It's the VLog and 25Mbps codec...I would suggest "getting it in camera" when shooting 180fps. 

    Yeah V-log L with GH4 4K 8 bit footage was a no-no, Panasonic didn't even publicly deny that. That issue of not being able to push the image is even more so the case with higher fps where you get a really low bitrate per frame. How'd you come up with 25mbps? I'm guessing you mean 25MBps even though I know you know your stuff and that that's not the normal way to communicate it... so I'm a little confused here. VFR was 100mbps on the GH4 and I imagined it'd be around 150mbps on the GH5. I'm interested to see how the REC 709 profile looks, natural with a lowered contrast was a good baked in look on the GH4. Also, there's LUT preview monitoring, right? Does that include luts you can import? I know you can save your camera settings to an SD card - so I imagine adding in different input or creative luts wouldn't be difficult. Also, thank you for the GH5 content!

  4. On June 30, 2016 at 10:11 AM, OliKMIA said:

    Finally, It was long and painful but I made it after 2 years of work. Here is my Miami video. Enjoy

    Unlike cities such as New York, Paris or Dubai, no one ever did a real hyperlapse video of Miami so I had to fix this.

    I started this project 2 years ago with hyperlapse experimentation. My first attempts were very bad and most sequence went to the trash bin. It took me a while to capture the hyperlapse sequence correctly (must be very very accurate) and then do the post-stabiliation frame by frame.
    Hyperlapse is very time consuming. In average, one second of video takes 1 or 2 hours of work and I don't even count the failed attempts (either I fucked up, light was wrong or something/someone messed with my sequence on site).


    The video is 75% hyperlapse, 5% timelapse and 20% drone and aerial (rented plane and helicopter). I had a massive volume of video and photo (RAW of course) and I only used the tip of the iceberg.
    I failed many times during my learning process but I now master the most complex type of sequence such as HDR Hyperlapse of Holy Grail Hyperlapse.

    Gears and software:

    Here is what I used:

    ► Hardware:
    - DJI Phantom 3 Pro with Mars Lite & Mayday Board
    - TBS Discovery Pro with custom GoPro 4 lens
    - Polar Pro Filters
    - Dynamic Perception Stage One & Stage R with NMX controller
    - Panasonic GH4, Lumix 12-35 f/2.8, Canon FD 50mm f/1.4 and custom made gimbal (Alexmos)
    - Canon 6D, Samyang 14mm f/2.8, Sigma 24 & 35mm f/1.4 Art, Canon EF 50 f/1.4, Canon EF 24-105mm f/4L,
    - Cessna 172 & Bell-206

    ► Software:
    - Adobe Premiere & After Effects
    - Adobe Lightroom
    - LRTimelapse 4
    - SNS-HDR Pro

    How many pictures ?

    Honestly I have no idea of the number of pictures taken and I find this point completely irrelevant. The number of shots and TB of hard drive is not a good metric and does not give any indication regarding the quality of the final video.
    What I can tell is that I finally achieved a good ratio of shooting attempts / keeper sequence. When I started hyperlapse I had to discard 80% of my sequence, now I can keep 70-80% of my clips.
    I also have a lot of unused sequence that I shot but didn't make it to the final video. I prefer to squeeze the best out of my project and not fall into the trap of "clips stacking" for the sake of it. This video is already long with its 4 minutes duration.

    Aerial Shots & Safety

    I used a DJI Phantom 3 Pro for the aerial shots along with a TBS Discovery Pro fitted with a GoPro 4 black. I modded the lens in order to get a longer focal. Some shots were taken from airplane (C-172) and I also rented a Helicopter (Bell-206).
    In terms of safety, the drone shots were line of sight only and below 400 feet following the AMA & FAA guidlines. 90% of the drone flight occurred over the water even if it's not visible because of the framing. For the remaining 10%, I flew over parks and empty area with the Phantom. I follow a precise scouting of the place before each flight and perform a thorough checklist.
    And because shit happens, I also installed a Mars Lite parachute with a North UAV Mayday board (special thanks to Kyle) on the Phantom in order to prevent any damage/injury is something goes wrong.
    Last, I had to notify the airport manager in some places before my flights and I stayed away from Class B airspace of Miami (I couldn't get clearance despite my request).

    Special Thanks and Credits:

    ► Intro & Opening tittle by michaelcparadise.com/

    ► Music: Daft Punk - Derezzed (The Glitch Mob Remix)

    ► Special thanks:
    It would be hard to detail the list of all the people involved in this video but here are the main one who inspired or helped me to make this project: Artem Pryadko / Zweizwei, Aaron Priest, Dimid, Gunther creator of LRTimelapse, Jeff Colhoun, Jay Burlage & Dynamic Perception, Marco from Timelapse Network, Team BlackSheep, Aufmschlau, b-zOOmi, Keith Loutit, Dustin Farrell, Rob Whitworth, Dominic Boudreault, Michelle, Guille, Mariana, etc.

    You can also follow me at:

    Some behind the scene photo







    C-172 (1).jpg




    C-172 (3).jpg


    Incredible work, thank you for committing to making this! I loved the skyline shots especially when they changed from day to night. I'm a Miami local who spends a lot of time in these areas shooting video... great to see it this way. I'm really amazed how much time must have gone into this, definitely something to be proud of on its own. The final drone shot with the plane flying in was a nice touch too. I do a lot of drone flying around downtown and Miami Beach, but would eventually like to do some aerial out of a helicopter... Any advice on that? Either technique or who to go with for the service. I have a ronin M for stabilization and a GH4 with a speedbooster that works out to a 1.5x crop... Not sure which focal lengths I would bring especially considering I wouldn't be able to rebalance midflight. Would  you need a special permit or training to film with this setup for non commercial purposes? Any help would be great, thanks... And once again, incredible job on this video. 

  5. Haven't shot any footage yet, these are just my first impressions. Surprised that there is no standalone charger or body lens cap, not a big deal though since they can be bought separately if needed. Really wish I could charge the camera off USB while it's on, that way batteries can be an after thought with a large portable USB in the hotshoe. I'm not seeing a 23.976 mode, only 24 - could this be problematic for syncing with Canon DSLR footage? I used 24 on the GH4 for a long time and I think I noticed some drifting with long clips so I switched out of the 24hz Film Mode, though I think the most recent plural eyes is suppose to correct for this. The EVF is pretty bad! Makes me think I'd likely suffer from eye problems if I actually depended on it, suppose I've been spoiled by the GH4 and A7 series. The body has a nice weight to it that I didn't expect and I like the look of the silver trim that I went with. Coming from a GH4 the shutter, aperture and ISO buttonlayout feels a bit awkward to me... Especially the ISO, but I guess that's mostly do to the nature of the camera. Glad they used plastic instead of rubber for the back dial as my GH4 one seems to be whithering away. The IBIS is amazing... I love being able to take my Sigma 50 Art and get shots that look like they are on a slider while using my hands. Assuming I wish they had 1080p 50mbps instead of just 20... Also no variable frame that automatically slows the footage down in camera, but these are expected based on the G7. Glad they left the adjust feature in the white balance menu, that's a selling point for me. Going to have to test my 70-200 2.8 IS II and other lenses next. Anyone have any requests?

  6. 11 hours ago, bowielow said:

    I'm doing a documentary in rural parts of South East Asia (i.e Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia etc), it's going to be a two-man (max) film crew with a one host. We could've used a cheaper camera and gotten a sound guy but I wanted to use the Alexa Mini. I actually bought the Mini.

    Let me know if you're looking for a second crew member! I have a lot of experience with one or two man band style shooting and am interested in making docs and traveling... especially interested in South East Asia, even spent 10 days in central Asia shooting on and off this past December. Plus I'm a pretty good sound guy with my own kit though admittedly a much better camera guy. I'm from the wedding video industry too (shot around 50 this past year), but I'm transitioning out to focus more on commercial work and documentary stuff now. If you just cover travel and living expenses over there for me with 2 days of break to enjoy it then I'd gladly go out there for a week or two without worrying about taking into consideration daily rates and what not. I went to Nicaragua, China, and Cuba last year to shoot with at least Colombia (2x), El Salvador, Jamaica, and the Bahamas on the list for this year. 

  7. @Andrew Reid any idea on when the next post will be? Very curious to see what you think. I have my GX85 on the way, won't have my hands on it till Friday. Also, do you know if the BMCC Nikon speedbooster works fine with it besides not communicating focal lengths and other electronic things? Just want to not scratch my sensor or speedbooster. I have an EF XL and a Nikon to BMCC along with a GH4 and would like to run them simultaneously while not having to shell out for another speedbooster until I find it reasonable to.

  8. On 5/19/2016 at 2:30 PM, JazzBox said:

    Thank you all!!

    What about capsules for Zoom H5? Are those toys or useful piece of gear? :)

    Don't waste your time on the Zoom H5 shotgun capsule, it's terrible - I own one. An NTG4+ or NTG3 would be good for outdoor use. I bought the NTG4+ and while it's good enough with my Zoom H6, I wish I would have just gone with the NTG3. 

  9. Thank you Andrew! I was hoping we would get a post on the GX85 from you soon and am glad that this isn't the last we'll see of it from you. I'm most likely going to order one in the next few days with your link, makes me wish I had a Canon Mount Sigma 18-35 (use Nikon) so I could easily take advantage of IBIS with it... will have to do something about that soon. What interests me most about this camera is of course the IBIS, but I'd like to see the benefits of it when paired with a gimbal like a Ronin M as the Ronin M doesn't correct for up and down bobbing motion while walking. Do you plan on looking into this? I don't see anyone else testing this. I understand you can turn off the correction for the pan axis too which would be useful for pairing with a gimbal. Also, the XL .64 works fine (mainly in terms of attachment) besides the usual soft edges w 18-35 and other aps-c lenses while in the 1080 mode? I still have my Nikon to BMCC adapter lying around which might find it's place on the gx85 until I decide it's worth it to buy another EF speedbooster as I'd like to use this alongside my GH4. 

  10.  After 1.7 firmware upgrade (AF function), it's there any reason to  buy SB Ultra with 0.71x instead XL with 0.64x ? I don't understand the target of the Ultra version... Why did I choose it? The price will be the same. (GH4 user)

    Well, as a XL version owner I'm considering switching to the ultra. My XL version was delivered defective and needs to be returned... I was just going to exchange it, but am thinking otherwise. Besides that reason, it's very common for me to use the 2x crop 1080p mode which with the ultra you'll get some fairly heavy vignetting on the wide end of the Sigma 18-35 or a Tokina 11-16. If you're only using full frame lenses then I don't see a reason to go with the Ultra over the XL. I use the 1080p mode and 18-35 most of the time, especially with the BM Video Assist that should be coming soon that'll allow me to get 1080p 10 bit prores 

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