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  1. Actually bought a used GX85 because of the capability you gave the camera to shoot in Cine-D. Decided to get it as a B-cam to my GH4 and they match well in post with the GH4's Cine-D. Thank You, BTM_Pix.
  2. @Aaron Chicago, Basing on your screen grabs of the LUT creater, do you use a color picker to click on the area in the screen and the nodes on the color grid gets auto selected based on the area you clicked on? I can also see the reddish "Y" on the framed pic in your sample also being affected slightly aside from the "magenta" and "greenish" blocks/stain on the wall being removed.
  3. Andrew, Since you have extensive experience with the metabones adapters I'd like to ask you regarding using a speedbooster for the BMCC 2.5k camera nikon mount on the GH4. If I use the Tokina 11-16mm f mount or other aps-c lenses, will it vignette at full HD? Since this is wider fov than at 4k?
  4. Looking at the stills of the ferris wheel, I saw the resolution of the mk3 similar to what a mk2 would look like with a VAF5d2. Si I think its what canon did to reduce color aliasing and moire, they placed an agressive OLPF.
  5. There are a considerable number of 5D mkII shooters already using Magic Lantern, Canon also has to consider that. That whatever they improve on the Mark III has to be better than 5D mkII + Magic Lantern Unified. 5D mkII+ML Unified already has these and more; -Headphone monitoring -Focus peaking and other focus assist features like; -Magnified window -False color -Histogram while recording -Waveform while recording -Clear screen HDMI out for use with ext recording device (Im careful not to use the term Good HDMI out signal because I'm not sure how good it is) -Split audio channels with independent controls allowing use of internal and external mic simultaneously -HDR video (albeit tricky to use with fast motion, ok with 60D, 600D due to their 720 60P) -customized crop marks -Built in Intervalometer for video -Variable frame rate from 3 to 31 fps which is good for clean lowlight/night shots or for motion blur effects -Programmable rack focus Also, for much less cost than a new DSLR, the mosaic filter has solved Moire and Aliasing on the 5D mkII There are also several features for stills like focus stacking and bulb ramping. So with these features in our current 5Ds I for one am looking for significantly more improvements in the new 5D mkIII than just merely improving on a stock mkII.
  6. this is great news. The 5D has already been given an extended lease on life by 1. cinestyle, - great flat image good for post grading. 2. then the mosaic filter - fixing color moire and aliasing now HDR! Thanks for posting this andrew.
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