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  1. Thanks! Those streaks are from the star-filter that we used (for both pool, concert and club scene) We took the Ferrari for a little spin!
  2. Hi, Just wanted to share my latest work which I produced and directed; a music video for Kygo ft. DNCE (Joe Jonas). It’s shot on Arri Mini + Arri Mini LF with Kowa anamorphic glass. I’ve been on this forum since I bought my (now retired) GH4 8 years ago. Thought some of you might find it interesting ☺️
  3. (DISCLAIMER: THIS IS MY PRODUCT) Hi! I've been following EOSHD since I bought my first 550D a long time ago. I wanted to share this project with you guys. We (me, my brother and father) just launched our brand new line of high end camera straps, and would love for you guys to take a look at it. Our first model are two corduroy straps. "Breeze" and "Classic". We’ll soon add premium Italian leather straps and after that an even more premium material. It's been a year of developing and refining, but we've finally launched! Features Quick release system (perfect for hybrid shooters, especially gimbal use) Handmade by skilled artisans Fits virtually any camera Length adjustable (85cm - 130cm / 33" - 51") Premium materials Extra Fine Corduroy Soft Sueded Italian Leather Top Grain Italian Leather Dynemaa (15x stronger than steel) Strength-tested to handle 200kg Designed in Norway The story It started when I inherited an old film camera from 1954 from my grandfather from Northern Norway. I was amazed with the unique camera strap it had. He crafted it himself during sparce times. After 60 years, it still looked and felt amazing. It had aged like a bottle of good wine. I started using the camera strap on my own professional camera during my travels. From Grammy Awards in Los Angeles, to week-long expeditions in freezing arctic weather. With inspiration from my 92 year old grandfather’s craftmanship, we kept the fundamentals of the retro design and improved on crucial parts and materials. The result is a camera strap with modern features in a timeless design. Would appreciate it if some of you checked it out at www.jl-gear.com Happy to answer any questions!
  4. The Full Frame Nikon Mirrorless is being launched in Photokina this year.
  5. Thanks! I'm working for him full time. Every shot is filmed handheld with the ARRI except the wide orchestra ones which is shot on the GH5.
  6. Yeah we we're supposed to play more around with the glass prisms (it's in-camera), but time ran by way too quickly. It was mounted in front of the lens. The handheld camera shake at the beginning was done to make it feel more intimate and real. We did the audio recording first, because the orchestra can't play as accurate in dim lighting (notes and conductor) Also the backlights had a hiss sound. The wide shots are shot on the GH5 with a ronin.
  7. Would love some thoughts on this acoustic music video I directed. Shot on ARRI Alexa in 40 minutes (the time we had available with the orchestra)
  8. Lovund


    @johanneslovund https://www.instagram.com/johanneslovund/
  9. Seems to be a lot of seagulls in slo mo lately. Here is my contribution with the GH4: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4mMtCWxZ5NU
  10. Just a regular Aux-cable coming from the headphone-port on the H4N to the microphone port on the GH4. GH4 Audio is set to -12 db and H4N headphone output is set to about 45.
  11. This is my setup as a one man band. Shotgun mic straight to the H4N, which goes to the GH4. So far I've had great results with the H4N as a safety track.
  12. Hi guys, I've been a lurker in the forums for quite some time now, but this is my initial post. I received my GH4 yesterday and have been playing with different setups. This is the best so far. Regular shoulder-rig with cage. A Røde shotgun mic with pistol grip attached to a super clamp which is attached to the cage. Sounds like a bad idea, but works wonderfully, and are easy to detach. There is no wiggle or instability. The Røde is connected to the Zoom H4N which is connected to the Panasonic. I've had great results so far with my testing and its hard to tell the difference between the GH4 Audio and the H4N recording. You can of course record audio with the recorder and have great referance audio in the GH4. Works really good when you don't have a designated audio-guy. // Johannes
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