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    molle reacted to BTM_Pix in Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K   
    If you want a bit of an insight into how relatively rare this camera still is in the wild, I doubled the amount of Pocket 4K cameras that were being used at the BVE Expo in London today when I got mine out of my bag.
    I plonked it down on a table that Zeiss had left brochures on but abandoned to setup my app and immediately drew a crowd who thought I was an exhibitor.
    Of course I did not disabuse any of them of this belief and promptly started demoing the living daylights out of my app.
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    molle reacted to Snowfun in Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K   
    At least I’m not worried about battery life... my cFast card (128Gb £275) records for three minutes (UHD raw uncompressed 60fps). And I’ve got six Canon LPE6s so I should be ok.
    Said in jest, obviously. I’ll never record uncompressed raw. And I have 2 500Gb T5s on order.
    But the other half did seem pleased that she wouldn’t have to sit through more than 180s of my cinematic holiday films!
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    molle reacted to Matthew Hartman in Show Us Your Best Video   
    This is the statement everyone of us should print out and paste on our bedroom ceiling to go to sleep to and wake up to every day. 
    If you're run-and-gun listen to the following tentatively, or not at all. 
    The best looking films curate the living joy out of every scene. Nothing is left to chance or served up the "we'll fix it in post" line. That's lazy.
    Great, critically acclaimed images take considerable work, even with a full crew. The mentality of getting the shot as quickly as possible, as in checking off a shot list only serves business objectives, not creativity. 
    If you care about your storytelling, care about and get passionate and intelligent with the tools you use to tell it. Get your hands dirty. Don't rely on your camera or editor. Scrutinize what every element in your scene is speaking to your audience. It all matters. 
    You get out what you put in. 
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    molle reacted to IronFilm in My new music video showreel!   
    I wouldn't mind if we all stopped talking about cameras for the rest of 2018 and only talked about lighting!
  5. Haha
    molle reacted to Anaconda_ in Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K   
    I just got an email from the camera store saying 'Your order is on the way'!
    Needless to say, i was quite excited, and then I remembered I ordered something else from them yesterday (Sunday) so it's not the camera that's coming.  😅
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    molle reacted to John Brawley in Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K   
    What a shame.
    Who are these "deep state" BMD insiders that are here pushing an agenda ? Myself and Hook.  Who else ?  What do you guys think, there's a plot and conspiracy ?  You guys don't wat these contributions I guess ?
    I'm here because I've been a member here for years and I'm on many camera forums and this is just another one I like to read and contribute to where I can.
    I want to know where all the clowns that were saying on this thread that the world was going to end because BMD didn't have any footage out yet and that definitely meant something was very wrong and the shipping date would be missed.
    All I've seen so far is that a planned marketing campaign by BMD that has gone off the way they intended.
    They commissioned some actual filmmakers (not bloggers or camera reviewers) that make certain types of film (natural history, action sports, nature) to make some films and then they released them and the camera originals.
    Then they gave some cameras, complete with some boxes as if they were new to some secondary users, and whilst having them also under NDA, got them to shoot some test footage and allowed some of them to release that footage.  Again.  Not reviewers.  Not bloggers.
    About a thousand reviewers and camera jockeys have done a bunch of made up comparisons and VLOGS based on existing footage. (hey I love seeing my footage being butchered by grading nerds)
    Think about it.
    No blogger or reviewer ANYWHERE has gotten a functioning camera to shoot with as far as I can tell.  Because that's not what BMD want to do with their marketing of this camera.  This isjust marketing 101. 
    They need people using the cameras in the many difference specific sectors of the market will use the camera.  Camera reviews aren't part of that plan. (though it hasn't stopped people doing it based on existing footage)
    Until it's shipping, it's their choice to give it to whomever they want.
    I'm tired of this entitled bullshit.  
    I recently left a few facebook groups I was on for this camera, and I'm doing the same here.  Frankly it's juvenile and I don't need the agro I sure hate explaining what should be obvious.
    There's no slight.  
    BMD have a marketing department and they have a plan and it doesn't involve forums, bloggers or camera reviewers.  That's not a snub, that's just them marketing the product in the way that they see fit.
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    molle reacted to Neumann Films in “The Middle Path”: A Lumix GH5s Short   
    Happy New Years everyone!
    Is it the 8th yet?
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    molle reacted to Neumann Films in “The Middle Path”: A Lumix GH5s Short   
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