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  1. agreed, this gets annoying. The 1dc just doesnt belong in a list of 2014 cameras. Addionally, it still costs way more than £5000, since used is not really relevant. If it was, you would have to change the prices of the other cams as well.
  2. You can adjust how the video player shows the video in the graphics cards settings. For nvidia cards its pretty easy, dont let the video player pick the mode.
  3. I really love the idea of being able to adjust your lights while looking at your monitor. Bought two of them....
  4. sure, I was talking about focusing BEFORE recording though. But you are of course right. What about the next part of the A7s review? Was supposed to be out 2 weeks ago ;)
  5. would also love to know the settings ;)
  6. I have noticed another advantage of photo mode. When you are using an external monitor via hdmi in video mode, digital zoom for focusing doesnt show on the monitor, only on the camera. In photo mode, you can use the monitor for focusing. No idea why that is and it absolutely doesnt make sense. Experienced this on a lilliput monitor.
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