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    Urthona got a reaction from vaga in Sony A6300 review (rolling) - Striking image but nagging issues   
    Both aren't of much help. I got 5 to 10 minutes more until the overheating power off occurred, in my case after 40 to 45 minutes total..
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    Urthona reacted to aslanua in Sony A6300 review (rolling) - Striking image but nagging issues   
    I am having such a love hate relationship with this camera. There is so much that is superb and some  a pain rolling shutter, and some( the bloody overheating) that i don't think i can live with. The still images at 3200 in difficult light are astounding, as Andrew has said the grain structure is indeed film like,  better than my 5d mk3, there is no color noise that i can see and a nice organic sharpness. i would put this camera ahead of my 5d mk3 in low light see attached images at 3200 5.6 on the standard cheap 16 to 50. The 5d mk3 would definitely exhibit color noise in the shadows in this scenario.
    The same in 4k at 3200 is astoundingly good for my money, i can shoot in almost any situation at 3200 2.8 at 25p and to have such a clean picture this is a real plus for this money., but the bloody overheating, If I new this could be fixed with firmware I would hang on, but i don't think so, people talked about overheating with the a6000 but i never experienced this, so this is a new thing for me with cameras.

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    Urthona reacted to Rungunshoot in Sony A6300 review (rolling) - Striking image but nagging issues   
    I've had it for 2 weeks now and just wrapped my first paid gig with it.  This is definitely not an A-cam.  It overheats very quickly in 4k. I used it in 90 degree weather for about 20 minutes and got a heat warning.  I tried to keep recording and ended up getting black/corrupted frames. The cam also reverted my memory card to "read only", requiring me to re-format it once I had dumped the footage.  The 4k rolling shutter is so bad that it ruins my attempts at post-stabilizing 4k footage because it warps the image too badly.  And there's no IBIS so good luck with Rokinon primes.  Regarding the lowlight image, I disagree with Andrew's endorsement; I find the in-camera noise reduction artificial-looking. It creates blocky patches that resemble MPEG compression artifacts.
     But I still want to use the a6300 for a few reasons.   First, it's small.  I can easily mount it on a small gimbal.  Second, autofocus.  It's really good. Maybe not as good as Canon, but it can track a moving face in all but the dimmest of light or heaviest backlight.  The AF is ultimately very usable, especially on a gimbal.  Third, it's relatively cheap and (theoretically) weather-sealed.  Which means I don't feel as scared doing dangerous stuff with it.  Finally, it uses APS-C lenses, which means it stays small even with lens attached.  You can put the cheapo 16mm pancake on it and it's almost pocket-sized.  So while I wish Sony would fix the glaring issues with this cam, I'm gonna keep using it for a few months in anticipation of something better.  
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    Urthona reacted to jessedacri in Sony a6300 4k   
    Regarding LCD dimming, it doesn't let you change the LCD brightness while set to 4K recording. The option is literally grayed out - kinda strange. Is it a heat or power consumption issue? 
    Also, how's everyone feeling with overheating? I used my A6300 exclusively on a 5-camera (All others were A7s I and II) live studio shoot with a top 40s pop artist and was overheating all day. Our workflow was to capture a 10-song live album, so we'd roll cameras, run one ~4 minute song, take a 30-45 second break, and then run another 4 minute song. The camera started overheating on the third song, and for the rest of the day I'd be doing this:  
    for as long as possible before we ran through the next song. This generally did the trick but obviously garnered some odd looks from the band, though they're used to our shenanigans with pulling good stuff out of tiny cameras.  Heat levels were extremely high way up in the battery slot so pulling the battery and blowing cool air right up there seemed to do it as a preventative measure. 
    As for the shoot itself, I am absolutely floored at the autofocus. It's insane. I can't share any footage but when it comes out I'll upload a raw A6300 take - the moves it allowed me to do while simply handholding the camera, going from macro shots of hands on keyboards to medium shots of the musicians, passing instruments in the foreground, etc. Holding down the AF/MF button lets you quickly lock focus in case you know you're going to be making a move that will trip it up, and also enables the focus ring on the lens so you can hold the button down, fly in manual focus for a few seconds, let go, and it's back in AF mode. 
    The image, too. Absolutely bonkers. Rolling shutter sucks super hard(and you can even see it on closeup shots of hands and stuff where the camera's not moving), but the camera is an absolute dream otherwise and I've been able to shoot around it. 1080p mode also sucks. It's not unusable, but it's of a level of detail I'd expect out of a 5D Mark II. Loving the 16-70 Sony Zeiss OSS lens and the 24/1.8. Has anyone used the 18-105 F4? Does it compare? 
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    Urthona reacted to Liam in Sony a6300 4k   
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    Urthona reacted to thefactory in Sony a6300 4k   
    I hope I'm around when that day comes! 
    it's a $1000 camera that's pushing the boundaries of what's possible. When you do that things are never perfect across the board. If they toke the canon approach we would not see this camera for at least another two years. I think we need both approaches to service many different needs. 
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