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  1. I agree that it was a collage of beautiful images but I wouldn't compare it to a Victoria Secret fashion show or any unrelated cellphone video because of the "view count". I'm not really one to be a critic either, though; mostly because I prefer the humble nature of an open minded audience too. The mouse video catered to a certain crowd.. rightfully earning its view count with female viewers likely saying "awwwwwwww" inadvertently in perfect harmony. Nothing wrong with that. Content is king and Watchtower of Turkey packed a bigger punch for me. I'm not trying to compare it to any elaborately written short film that I may have also loved but if a picture is worth a thousand words than I just watched what felt like a billion in under 4 minutes.
  2. The new SLR Magic ND screws on no differently than my Tiffen and its superior in every aspect. This came to no surprise for me as they're constantly participating in forums and evolving their products largely based on community feedback. Definitely a company I stand by. I emailed SLR directly (support@slrmagic.com) and had the new model (with polarization control) in my hands within the week. Amazing
  3. Man, my crazy color shift is probably a combination of the h.264 codec and filming in the MP4 container since I skipped the transcoding.... I guess. I'm getting a strong magenta tint with heavy contrast by applying the luts in the order Andrew intended. I upgraded to cc15 just to verify it wasn't software related and its not. Same magenta issues. If I reverse the lut order the problem corrects itself and additional tweaking is barely required with any lut. Weird
  4. The guide talks about cc15 input/output but on CC14 I'm assuming you drag & drop the "converter" as a lumetri effect to flatten the image first? This resulted in heavy contrast & strong magenta after I added the output lut. My colors looked similar to xrayspecs. Flipping them seemed to correct it.. so in CC14 you drag & drop the output first and then the converter lut? Weird. I skipped the transcoding below and rushed into Premiere with an Arri lut first and then added the converter. Honey Smacks. noms
  5. Super excited to try this later! It appears a few people are testing this converter without following the workflow & not digging the results. I can't download the guide until I'm home from work but I believe Andrew indicated you have to shoot with his cinema profile settings for optimal results and any other "settings" (supertone, natural, etc) with it are purely experimental. Thanks for the guide, dude!!
  6. Yup, it's universally known to have the longest wait time ever. EVER!! Not an issue once you figure out how to work around it. I suggest making Neat Video the last step in your workflow. For adjusting and testing, just create a new sequence with a very short clip from your edit and sample it there. If you're using LUTS then instead you can make this your first step by rendering out the file and importing the footage back in. It will take longer this way but from what I understand this is the ideal way to edit with LUTS to prevent macro blocking and such. Hope this helps!!
  7. Personally, I don't focus too much on accuracy. This is an excellent grade. I found it to be very pleasing to the eyes. Mission accomplished
  8. http://bkmeditor.wordpress.com/2014/07/16/panasonic-gh4-iso-noise-tests/ Hey, check this out! Recent noise testing as of July 16th by this blogger who also feared he had a buggy sensor. I'm unfamiliar with his work but it looks to be a good read as he has some very detailed comparisons that suggest a different alternative. He actually advises users to steer away from raising the Master Pedestal. Hopefully, Andrew Reid can chime in and explain these results since a higher Master Pedestal is a more popular setting. I plan to go through it more in my free time later. Let us know if you come up with anything & good luck!!
  9. Philip Bloom's page brought me here. Saw the advert in his review and scooped up a copy without hesitation. Worth every penny. Thanks kindly
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