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  1. I've seen several mentions that the F-LOG can only be used externally via HDMI. Could that be because...(fingers crossed)...the HDMI out is 4:2:2 10-bit?
  2. Thanks everyone. My biggest takeaway from all of these replies is that it can work in a pinch but I shouldn't be the basis for every shot. I'll stick with NDs.
  3. I've always stuck with the 180 degree shutter rule and compensated with a variable ND. I just acquired a BMPCC and learned about the need for an IR cut filter to boot, so it seems I'll now need 2 filters for any shots involving daylight - unless I can crank up the shutter angle and do away with ND altogether? I know motion blur added in post was used for the three Hobbit movies: ...which was a pulldown from 48fps. Does anyone else here have any experience using plugins (or paid version of DaVinci Resolve) to add in motion blur? I image there is some sort of tradeoff between the IQ and color of the image sans ND filter and funky looking motion cadence. The scenes in the trailer above (at least the ones with just actors moving around and not the CGI stuff) seems "normal" to me, but I've only been shooting video for a few years, so I may not yet have a critical eye for it.
  4. How "hefty" of a video card? I have a GTX 970 that's working fine for me now, but I've never worked with RAW footage.
  5. If you happen to have an m43 speedbooster (or cheaper equivalent) lying around, I'd be curious to know if it can cover the s35 sensor.
  6. Would a MF to Full Frame focal reducer be a viable alternative (if Metabones or some other company produced it)? Would a 2x reduction from 70mm to 35mm be too steep for the optics?
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