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  1. On 7/3/2016 at 5:56 PM, tweak said:

    I have GH4, but got 7D recently for MLRaw, it's a lot nicer than the GH4 for 2x anamorphic in my opinion. I still have both. Just make sure you get a good SSD drive and some 128GB CF cards if you get a 7D.

    Are you using ML on a first generation 7D or a 7D MarkII?

    My 7D has been sitting on my shelf like an unloved toy I've grown out of. Please tell me ML has cracked the 7D and I can get anamorphic raw out of it!

  2. It's not that good. "Custom" ratio is not that custom, it cannot de-squeeze 2x, only 1.33 (if you shoot 16:9). It also cannot de-squeeze 1:1 ratio and that is what I was buying it for.

    Also mine has a glitch and the image is constantly broken. It also smells like plastic. Another quirck is that if you turn it on/off you do not get the image from BMPCC, you need to unplug the micro HDMI cable and plug it back to get the image. I never had a field monitor before, so maybe this is common.

    Mystic "Extrusion Mode" basically lets you set up start of X and Y coordinates, and X and Y size of image in pixels. Sounds nice but it can only do -80 pixels vertically. That's a really poor de-squeeze.

    Is it a good cheap monitor? I guess so. Is it worth $389 they ask for it? I would say no. Is it worth $290 that I paid for it? I would say no. If there was somebody who could tell me how those features work exactly I would not buy it. I think I would still pay $150 for it if it had no glitch. Talking to a seller now to see if that can be fixed, no reply yet. Sigh.

    Man, I'm sorry to hear that!

    I was hoping to hear it was a great solution and you loved it.  I know too well the sting of dropping money on gear that doesn't measure up.  Sorry it didn't work out this time. But thanks for coming through with the review - that was cool of you.

  3. Would love to see some tests on human faces.


    Shots look nice. 40mm is really the sweet spot for me in terms of the FOV I expect from anamorphic. I'm shooting with a helios (58mm) and the images are nice, but it is too zoom-y.


    Post some faces! (please)

  4. @Julian @Hans Punk Thanks guys for your input. To be honest, after taking a trip over to the ML forums, it reminded me of when I I frequented there when I had a 7D and later 5D3 and to be honest, getting into that workflow again filled me with dread...

    I feel your pain on that front. The ML forums are convoluted, and downright nasty at times. The amount of times I've searched for an answer only to find a thread with someone asking the same question only to see the answer they got was a snarky "use the search button" type response. They have done amazing technical work, but the ML community is toxic.

  5. Ebay shipping sucks. :angry:

    ​I think you mean the Global Shipping Program and their ridiculous over charging. In reality it just means the seller doesn't want to sell outside of the US. It's like a polite way of saying, "sure, I'll sell to you, but I'm gonna make sure it hurts.".

    Just refuse to buy anything that uses the global shipping policy. I have.

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