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  1. Meanwhile, Roland Deschain is being played by a black actor, and if you don't like it you're a racist...
  2. I agree that the skintone in the shot above looks fantastic. However it was not the part that was made difficult with the heavy magenta cast. This one is lit by sunlight and the scene is very simple for grading. And guys, let's judge this camera by its own footages, not its 3-times more expensive sibling, even if they share some of the hardware. As for footages that blow me away, well I don't have time to search for them again now, but I have seen clips from C100/C300/5D3 Raw/BMCC and more recently the BM Mini 4.6k that look just as good (see screenshots in this topic over at bmcuser http://www.bmcuser.com/showthread.php?15520-Brief-thoughts-and-a-bit-of-footage-from-the-URSA-Mini-4-6K/page213) It's not that the footages from the LT don't look good, they do, it's just that some people claimed it makes the Alexa look like video and trashes the F55 so naturally I expect to see something spectacular.
  3. For all the hype around this camera's color science, I'm not blown away by any of the footages so far...
  4. The problem with having a heavily produced promo for a low-budget camera is that its intended target most likely can't afford that level of production, while those with the budget to do so generally wouldn't bother with a budget camera.
  5. No, not the full width but just a little less according to the dpreview chart. It's probably the same 16mp sensor from the GX7 which is 4592 x 3448 pixels. The 16:9 crop is 4480 x 2520 which gives a sensor area of 16.87mm x 9.5mm which is a 2.13x crop. The 3:2 crop is 4272 x 2856 which gives a sensor area of 16.09mm x 10.77mm which is a 2.23x crop.
  6. This video from a while back has the internal vs Pix240 comparison: Cine 4: seems to be the same. S-Log 2: there is a difference, but nothing significant in my opinion. I actually think the Pix240 footages would be easier to grade.
  7. Well it turns out to be a FT sensor with a ~2.2x crop (at 3:2 ratio), so in theory it lens only need to be around 22% bigger than the ones in the RX100m3, which is not too hard to imagine considering the 55mm depth of the LX100 (vs 41mm of the RX100m3).
  8. Would comments left in the blog be sync'ed with the associated forum topic and, conversely, would posts made in the forum topic show up in the blog? If the answer to both is yes then I see no reason why having comments in blogs would hurt the forum traffic.
  9. I would love to have dark text over light background as an option. It is just easier on the eyes for me.
  10. Beautiful if you want your accessories to look geeky, maybe. This is beauty (for a smartwatch):
  11. I really dislike this method of segmentation. It's like telling a wedding videographer that you can't afford their usual rates and they say fine, I'll give you a lower rate but I'll blur the footages and resize them to 720p because that's what you get for the price you're paying.
  12. Nope he said it's futile to try to fix Sony colors (I wonder why he's still in this thread, though, I don't haunt topics of cameras I don't like) And I agree with you that most of the footages don't have that pop. But with such a flat footage it's normal to see 90% of the videos online not being graded properly. The BMPCC when it first came out was also a nightmare in post. The internet was also full of weird, desaturated BMPCC clips just like it is now with the A7S. Just give it some more time to see where it goes. The last two videos in this thread were close to perfection, though.
  13. So the sky being blue is a bad thing now? Of all the things to nitpick about...
  14. Best looking skin tone from Roman's clip by far, even though I think it comes at the cost of not having enough green in the trees/grass.
  15. Thank you, Mr. Pot, for hanging with us kettles. I don't think the A7S has a color problem out of Slog2. Cine4 seems to be the most balanced between DR and color saturation, and that's what I'm going to use most of the time unless I want to preserve more highlight details. But even with Slog2 though, I think the colors can be brought back nicely using LUTs. It's just a matter of time until people figure out the right LUTs to use in different situations. I have seen some people do it successfully and the results are really nice and closer to what can be achieved with RAW videos.
  16. Man, how were those considered personal attacks :(? They are just attacks on the arguments, not on personal characters. In a debate, it is normal to call out others' fallacies and weak reasoning. Anyway, I'm sorry I offended you (if you ever see this).
  17. Here's a few clips for you Matt, hope you like them more than the previous ones:
  18. The GH4 was just the default camera when I opened the page. I'm just looking at the A7S image by itself and there I see no yellowish tint. And it seems you're grasping at straws here. First you emphasized on the A7S skin tones, and when that didn't work out you had to cherry pick from the scene. But let's see if your new examples hold up: I also don't see the D610 doing any better in skin tone here. And what of the neck? The brush has almost no color? I disagree, the colors are just less saturated, but they are there, and very realistic looking too. As for the yellow paint tubes, the top one has a noticable darker shade of yellow, just not as pronounced as the D610. Btw, the blue tube looks better on the A7S to my eyes :) You are talking about this green fur right? I see no blue cast in it.
  19. I think you should take all this bantering a little less seriously. They're just electronic gadgets :) Having said that... The only way for me to stop taking issue with your comments is for you to make comments without any issue I can take with. You showed a very short clip and implied that the GH4 has better colors (which it may very well does) based on shaky reasonings. If you had just flat out said that you prefered the GH4 colors then you wouldn't have heard from me. And what did you address about the profiles, flatness and saturation in that post besides saying that it could be the grades or profiles and then negating it by saying it's a consistent problem?
  20. Wait, what? I'm not seeing any yellow cast in the A7S video stills. http://***URL removed***/reviews/image-comparison/fullscreen?attr29_0=panasonic_dmcgh4&attr29_1=sony_a7s&attr72_0=1080&attr72_1=1080&normalization=full&widget=131&x=0.6482927576175164&y=0.17170596393897378
  21. Nope, your "no comment" was actually more in the vein of "I rest my case." If you got an opinion just say it, don't beat around the bush. I also noticed the GH4 part was a little more saturated, but what of it? Flatter profiles usually carry more dynamic ranges, which weren't shown in the preview clip. Now if the GH4 had both punchy colors and the same or more DR as the A7S I would be very impressed. And there's nothing wrong with the cyan patch in the A7S clip. It's just less saturated. Just google "cyan" and you can see all shades of it, not just "blue." In fact, cyan is a mix of blue and green, so there's nothing abnormal about the greenish color in the A7S patch. As for better color separation, well, the A7S profile is flatter, so that's to be expected from out of camera footages.
  22. Is there something so obvious in this short clip that you felt you did not need to comment? All I can see is that they are about as sharp as each other.
  23. Let's stop arguing. I am linking some of the videos which I think have great colors (ie not lifeless) in case you are not following the Vimeo channel. If you have seen them then nevermind, otherwise tell me what you think. Edit: couldn't embed vimeo for some reason _http://vimeo.com/groups/243026/videos/102902760 _
  24. Nah, not overly defensive, and if I was, it would be of the clip not the camera. I just find it a bit unfair to judge a whole clip by a few parts that are not up to our standards. I also think 80% of A7S videos out there have weird colors throughout, but for this particular clip I think the author did a great job bar a few scenes. It's the C100 video thread, right? I called you out for being inconsistent in your judgement because a few badly graded shots can ruin an A7S clip for you but not the C100 clip, which had unnatural skin tones in some parts. And if you recall, I did say that most of the C100 clip was great. By the way, discussion boards are where we dissect each other's opinions (in a civil manner of course), so please don't be too offended when yours take a little too much heat :)
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