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  1. I was watching this movie with my kids this evening, flares are all over the place. Have a look. Fake or real ones? there are oval bohek too
  2. first of all thank you very much for your reply, it's only for 90 euros, the thing is that I couldn't find nothing on the web, and that made me go mad. I m going to get it if the seller didn't sell it yet. Much appreciated!!!!! indeed!!!
  3. at least say something like : no I have never seen it, or it's a shit one , or it's no worth it, or get it and see the result or whatever advice is very welcome. thanks for your help anyway. '> '> '> '> '> '>
  4. @richg101 This lens caught my attention rich, I would love to have one :D , I'd love to pair one with an anamorphic (sankor16D) Is it a possible combination, using a ff camera? Which of your lens shall I choose for this combination? Please let me know all about it, why not ;) PM me if you want! Cheers man!
  5. sorry everyone i have double posted it!!! really sorry how do I delete this one?
  6. I have just found this lens, does anyone of you know something about it, I have tried to google it but I couldn't find any infos. Thank you all!
  7. Please, could anyone tell me something about this anamorphic lens I have just found on the internet. Thank you so much! anamorphic lens super 8 RAMA HF model / /
  8. the answer: Please accept our apologies but we don’t have any Canon raw files at this point. What we have is RED raw snapshots R3D. These will be uploaded in a few days time. However don’t hesitate asking us with the test shots you would like to have. We will do it when an opportunity will arise. Thanks.
  9. I have sent an email , let's wait and see what comes out. I will let you know, thanks!
  10. The answer is: Thanks. We will post some tests in a few days.
  11. Good idea valid, I 've asked, let's wait and see. Thank you
  12. new videos test are coming soon, FM with moller anamorphot 32/2x and sun 16/2x
  13. the version you installed doesn't have a raw module. you need the nightly build for your camera which includes all the modules you need. the raw one too. http://builds.magiclantern.fm/#/ download the 50D 109 Make sure you have the same canon firmware though! Unistall magic lantern and install this one I hope it helps . Also read it here for all the info: http://www.magiclantern.fm/forum/index.php?topic=3072.0 Make sure you have a fast card if you want record raw.
  14. Nice one! watch the movie and we can talk about it afterwards, it's nice your guitar by the way. Since I am into video I left the music on the side, I used to have a small studio at home, i liked very much to compose and be behind the technical part. I sold some of my equipment to get the 5D, but I kept my fender, acoustic guitar and few other stuff, just in case I want be back on music again. Here are some of my oldest electronic experimental compositions I did long time ago, no guitars in it, sorry!
  15. I own a fender jazzmaster elvis costello signature, yes, actually it's nice to introduce yourself, at least we know for our own good who is behind a keyboard and help each other better. Have you watched "All is by my side" a Jimi Hendrix movie?
  16. My name is Cosimo Murgolo born in Italy on the 5 of september 1970, I am a flight attendant with a strong passion in music video and travelling I am a happy family man of 5 kids and live by the lake Maggiore no far from Milan. I started as video maker years ago, but I still need to learn a lot, I am also involved into experimental electro music. I play acoustic and electric guitar in the free time. My favorite guitarists are Robert Fripp , Jimi hendrix ecc ecc I love anamorphic lens but I still have to learn a lot. I own a sankor 16d, an isco animex s8/2x and a schneider cinelux bought recently. I am a happy owner of a 5Dmark iii which i bought last summer and I own different vintage prime lens. Mine is just a hobby, but I would like to do some short movie and other stuff to earn some money. I own a macbook pro from 2009 where I struggle to edit my short video, I use AE , premiere pro, but i would like to use resolve da vinci. At the moment I cannot afford a new computer so I have to wait and save some money. I spend a lot of my time read and learn from this forum. Thank you all.
  17. no one is going to send money here till everything is safe and sound as I already told you. thank you
  18. you've just revealed how childish you are, grow up a bit man , come on!!!! I already have 5 kids I don't want put up with another one, please. You can imagine and fantasize whatever you like in your mind but please think twice before you write something like that. As moderator you should play nice and understand a good action, instead you are teasing a good behavior without giving any prove. I'll stop it here, cos as liszon said: let's not kill this small community. I will play nice.
  19. Andy, I could say the same for your tecnoir Anamorphic cinemascope lens holder. But I don't say anything cos I cannot prove it. So please!
  20. that's why I am doing this, in the hope to get some discount. Thank you
  21. bravo!!! nice one! What a shame for the lamborghini
  22. What a beautiful place!!! Thanks for sharing your experience.
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