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  1. I enjoyed reviewing the various links. Overall I'm reminded of McLuhan's idea of hot and cold media. The idea that less data is more involving: TV less dense than film, b&W less dense than colour. The less dense a medium the more the viewer has to become involved. As well it brings to mind Wyndham Lewis' school of Vorticism- dependant on line.
  2. As a student of McLuhan the theme of the piece grabbed me. McLuhan's problem was not exactly the same, but the jealousy amongst colleagues was the same. The jealousy then is amplified with the so called inappropriate flirtings with the students. Little wonder the guy needs aspirin. The boat business struck me as odd. The idea of poor pay for an academic didn't jibe with the expensive boat. I think the main theme would have been enhanced with more interaction at the department celebration by other colleagues; and driven the guy to an even bigger headache. Bravo- great piece even though I didn't get what happened.
  3. I got 7/10. Good exercise in attending to detail.
  4. All I know is that I missed a posting last week for a Yashica 8mm camera with anamorphic lens all for 25$. It was a 1 1/2 drive away and was gone the next day! It appeared to be in the original box- pristine.
  5. curious what your other portable solution is!
  6. What I particularly like about this is the mood your images create against the lyric. Contrast this with the mood at
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