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  1. Has anyone in Europe bought this from outside Europe for cameras without the 30min limit? I was looking for stores in Hong Kong. Someone surgesteed personal-view.com but I don't know anything about them. Shame to see DigitalRev is only selling with the kit lens and it's out of stock. Anyone know of any HK or any other trustworthy online stores where I can buy one? Thanks.
  2. The question was about about grading, not how the shot was exposed. Although I do agree with what Dave said. I kept it warm as it's a sunny day, reduced saturation slightly, adjusted the greens and reds and I hate crushed blacks so..
  3. I'd buy it for weddings if the quality of the 1080 50p is good. Any slowmo testing yet Andrew?
  4. Thanks Andrew. Any chance of a DSLR/MILC Video Quality side by side test? Particularly how the NX1 image compares to GH4 and A7s. Thanks.
  5. Which cameras don't pixel bin in 1080p mode? BMPCC... Just looked at a Moiré Test a bit of a disappointment. Seems like you'd have to record in 4K
  6. And the extra cost to store the footage. Could you convert the footage first? Easier on the edit processing. Is it just the case of exporting as ProRes 4444?
  7. I had to sign up to add my approval to these requests. It looks like the perfect event camera for web video ...if the data rate was improved. An update to the Olympus OMD E-M10 also. The 3-axis is very useable. Even if I have to record sound separately.
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