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  1. Aren't MLV raw files are "raw?" If so, such files have the same initial linear contrast as Canon h264 does, before the in-camera processing. Thus, with the proper post processing, one should be able to duplicate the contrast of the h264 files (combined with a given picture style). I have dabbled a little with MLV files and MLV-App. It seems one can output images with an exceedingly flat contrast by merely using one of the log profiles, if one wants to grade in a program other than MLV-App. On the other hand, ML instability and full res capability are understandably
  2. Not familiar with the Wooden Camera cage, but most Arca-Swiss clamps have standard 1/4" or 3/8" female threads or have a counter-sunk hole. So, if the cage has a way to attach cameras/plates with those threads/hole, then it should be easy to find an Arca-Swiss clamp that works
  3. It's frustrating, because on the E-M10 MkIII's LCD, the battery symbol appears outside of the image area when the camera is in video mode, but, for some reason, the HDMI output includes the battery symbol within the image. In addition, if one is in manual still mode set to 16:9 aspect ratio, the battery symbol disappears completely from the screen but reappears within the image on the HDMI signal. The older E-M10 MkII can output clean HDMI simply by holding down and releasing the "Info" button. You could try shooting in still mode with a 3:2 aspect ratio and crop-in the top and the
  4. @Volumetrik Nice tests! That's because bit depth and dynamic range are two completely independent properties. There seems to be a common misconception that bit depth and dynamic range (or contrast) are the same thing or are somehow tied together -- they're not. Testing the look of various bit depths is more suited to a color depth perception experiment, but we're not viewing your images on a 14-bit monitor, so the results don't give true bit depth (and, hence, true color depth). Of course, greater bit depths give more color choices when grading,
  5. Did you try the procedure, "Reverting back to initial state," given in the first post of this thread?
  6. Evidently, the Octopus prototype with the Ximea m4/3 module has been up and running for awhile: Hopefully, the Octopus folks can get this camera into production.
  7. tupp

    Lighting Help

    How big is your softbox?
  8. I didn't watch Berg's entire video (43 minutes), but here it is cued to when he starts to give detail on his experiences with trying to record 24P through HDMI. Here is a guy who has an M6 II with the new firmware and he has (had?) a Ninja V. I don't know if one can be messaged on YouTube, but, if so, it might be worth asking this guy to test the M6 II at 24P with the Ninja V. Of course, it would not be too surprising if Canon intentionally crippled the capabilities of these cameras.
  9. As a US citizen, I can assure you that it is embarrassing when a fellow countryman ignorantly gloats about the US. I don't encounter such folk very often in the wild, and I haven't noticed a lot of them here. However, there were a couple of recent posts that made me (and likely others from the US) cringe every time the forum member capitalized "AMERICAN." On the other hand, I must confess that I do idolise (BRITISH spelling) Trump:
  10. Ah, you were there just before its swank "hipsterfication." The Hollywood area was really nice and pleasant at that time. It's really bad now. Things were a lot better then.
  11. FYI, the camera is near the front of Grauman's Chinese Theater, with the Sun setting in the background. Normally at this time there would be throngs of tourists, actors dressed as super heroes (looking for photo victims), and "rappers" selling their CDs (never buy the CDs nor even talk to the "rappers"). This theater is on Hollywood Blvd., about one mile from me. I usually avoid the tourist section of Hollywood Blvd., but since there are so few people I might take my walk in that direction today. Did you stay there during it's "golden era" or had they alrea
  12. Other than the camera/sensor mentioned by @androidlad, scientific and machine vision cameras likely exist that have a greater dynamic range than an Alexa (and an A7S). The Panavision Dynamax sensor supposedly took three different exposures, which yielded a 120dB DR. I usually don't make qualitative judgements on the results of such early tests, especially since whoever blazed this trail into HDR was a pioneer, lacking the benefit of years of HDR tweaking by others who subsequently jumped onto the HDR bandwagon. However, I wouldn't call it "bad" nor
  13. There is a bit of overlap in terminology, so It's confusing. By "triple exposure video," I think that OP intended to mean "HDR video with three different exposure levels." Historically, the terms "double exposure" and "multiple exposure" meant exposing a single piece of emulsion in-camera, two or more times, to combine different images into something like this: With digital imaging, the multiple exposure process is a little different, because each exposure is a separate image and, thus, a separate file. Some digital cameras offer various ways to combine files an
  14. There might be ways that a cinematographer and editor could "interpret" a performance. And, perhaps, lighting could influence a performance, as could lenses, DOF (if the actor/performer could see those results on set). However, it is not the cinematographer's job to influence a performance -- that is the directors job. In regards to an editor or cinematographer "interpreting" a performance, both crew members exist to serve the director's vision. So, they can suggest ideas and execute their craft, but the director necessarily has the final word.
  15. tupp

    Scanning film

    Yes. That requires a telecine or film chain. If it's serious work, best to bring the footage to someone who has a decent set-up.
  16. tupp

    Scanning film

    A cheap slide copier attachment works for small batches: Some slide copiers have a negative holder. Here is an inexpensive 22 megapixel scanner that outputs jpegs. In addition, I have used a hi-res flatbed scanner for negatives, and it worked just fine.
  17. It would not be easy to do this with auto focus.
  18. Not sure if Canon has enough snap to do something that makes sense.
  19. Are you going to review the Metabones GFX Expander?
  20. A complete camera rehousing has already been done with a BM camera. Due to BM's "design aesthetic," there also have been several other mods to their cameras. Remember the Wooden camera BMPC lens mount mod? How about their current BMPCC6K lens mount mod kit? That would be great! By the way, a Chinese company has already added the hinged screen.
  21. What is the full name of the company again?... Blackmagic Design is a textbook example of a small, newer company focusing on form over function.
  22. Blackmagic isn't exactly a large company -- film at eleven... Not so sure about this. Casual shooters usually want stabilization, good autofocus, and a flippy screen (from the factory).
  23. Yep. It's ugly, but we got used to it. However, there is definitely an ID person's heavy hand involved in its form. It's doubtful that is the reason for its form. Most likely, a designer who doesn't work with cinema cameras was faced with the task of creating a housing that would accommodate a bigger "non-flippy" screen, a handle with "ergonmic" buttons and the main circuit board. It was easiest for the designer to just make it DSLR style with a fan. The CEO who is guilty of signing-off on all previous BM design blunders probably fawns over this designer's
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