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  1. Hi guys, I've bought an Olympus OM10 film camera with a 50mm lens. Because I wanted a zoom lens to use with it I got through ebay a sigma 28-80mm f 3.5-4.5 UC zoom. I have just received the lens and I notice that sometimes half of the focus aim inside the viewer gets darker or black. If I'm not wrong it happend too with 50mm lens but then during my photoshots it never happened again. Does anybody knows why this happen?may it be because the camera had no film inside (I was just trying the lens) or because I was in a poor light environment? Thanks for everything guys!
  2. Unfortunately, I have already done these things since I did my research on how the manual focus worked. Any other ideas? Thanks, guys!
  3. I just purchased an Industar 61 50 mm lens for my GH2 off of Craigslist. I have the right adapter it fits perfectly; yet, when I just tried to test it out (in my bedroom at night) nothing would come into focus. Please keep in mind I'm a novice learning my tools. I've read that this lens when wide open can be rather soft and isn't fast enough for indoors; yet, I didn't realize how this was connected to focus. Do you think this is the issue here? Not something wrong with the lens itself. Regardless I'll be testing it out tomorrow in daylight and have a better idea. Would appreciate any insight and lessons from your expertise! Thank you! :)
  4. looking to purchase an industrar 61L 50 mm lens for my panasonic gh2. was wondering what adapter i should go with for this lens. any recommendations or insight would be helpful! thanks so much!
  5. Hi Guys! I have just bought a panasonic gh2 and I have purchased the eoshd's guide. It says that the gh2 is compatible with a huge number of different lenses through an adapter but also that it's impossible to regulate the aperture on the camera if the lenses are not panasonic ones. Does it mean that I have , for example using canon lenses, to regulate the aperture on a canon camera and change it on it every time before putting the lens on my panasonic?Am I right? Isn't it a big drawback? what if i don't have acanon camera?How do I set the change the aperture?? I think I did not get something cause it doesn't make sense and I'm pretty confused! Thanks for your help!
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