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    Miraud got a reaction from matthere in SLR Magic Rangefinder footage - kiss goodbye to focus breathing / Kowa anamorphic goes single focus   
    I know Monet, this is not Monet. And I have lived in Berlin, and it's an okay city but you don't become an artist because you move there. It's full of angry poor young people complaining about newcomers stealing their jobs.
    It's confusing me when you're putting pretentious prose and soft generic music in a test video for a lens and calling it filmmaking.
    There's no balls here, just filming people without them knowing usually from a distance. 
    (Insert ironic smiley here to deflate any hurt feelings)
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    Miraud got a reaction from exomonkeyman in A7s Using an E-Mount (Loss of sharpness?)   
    Exomonkeyman - do't listen to any of the bullshit coming from the wedding photographer.
    Those lenses are fine, and usable at t 1.5. Don't buy a zoom, working with primes makes you a better DOP.
    I have shot a bunch of stuff on the samyang lenses, paid stuff, shortfilms, documentaries - they are very good value, with focus gears, smooth aperture control and an ok built quality.
    Check this out my friend studying cinematography shot on those lenses and a black magic cinema camera:
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    Miraud got a reaction from Inazuma in shot this on a7s   
    Shot and directed it.
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    Miraud reacted to Oliver Daniel in What was your big 2014 moment?   
    Biggest part of the year for me is not getting sidetracked by the latest technology, and just shooting most of my stuff with what I've got - a GH3 and loads of FD & M42 lenses (and an SLR Magic). Not a single complaint by any client. ideas made this successful, plus hard work and preparation. 
    Next year will see a few major upgrades technologically, but again, strong ideas and creativity is the No.1 focus. Always. 
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    Miraud reacted to Stab in Does Cinema EOS mark the end of high spec Canon DSLR video?   
    I think we should be happy that 'the masses' are still buying Canon because it is 'the brand to get'.
    We, as enthusiasts and some even professionals, earn their living with shooting video's. I'm so happy that 80% of video shooters still shoot 720p on their Canon 7D / 5D. Why? Because my GH3 looks amazing compared to it. And my clients go 'ooeh' and 'aah' when they see my footage. Of course it is composition, grading, talent, etc. But the camera is also important.
    So I say, stop spreading the word about Canon camera's being shitty. You gain nothing from it, but you take the edge, of us video makers who spent lots of time selecting the best gear carefully, away.
    Buy Canon folks! Great reliable gear! Never had any problems with them!
    Furthermore, even though your articule is spot on Andrew, it accomplishes nothing. It's like asking Sony why they don't release a Mac Pro competitor for less money. Clearly there is no interest from Canon in this market. But also, they will still sell the most camera's for years and years to come. And you should buy a Canon, because they are great!
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    Miraud reacted to Christina Ava in 5D Mark III raw versus Panasonic GH4   
    yes matt i do. no its not something that just came up in my mind, check the work of lazlo covacs and zsigmond vilmos two of the best DPs still around ,check the work of gregg toland, probably the best cinematographer ever, he is the contrary of shallow depth of field,  noted for his amazing ability to create extreme depth.(citizen cane)
    it takes some extra talent to keep everything in focus,and keep it interesting, and no anamorphic is not just to preserve resolution, its an artistic choice, that needs alot of creative talent and expertise to pull through..you have a huge canvas and it needs to be perfect.
    shallow dof, is a gimmick that we use to cover up our mistakes (me included) and make it look "cinematic", but wasnt covacs "easy rider" cinematic enough?

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    Miraud reacted to fuzzynormal in 5D Mark III raw versus Panasonic GH4   
    I, for one, appreciate the sentiment this thread has evolved into.  As the technology rapidly becomes more democratic the tools become a commodity.  What you do with that tool matters more.
    I love watching the march of development as much as the next guy, and I like to buy video/film cameras. Canon, Panasonic, Nikon, Hitachi, JVC, Sony, Fuji, Bolex, Arri...  I've owned 'em or rented 'em all.  But I'm not a fan boy that projects their purchasing commitment/ownership into some sort of brand proselytizing.
    It's not too hard to imagine that in a decade we'll all have access to numerous small DSLR cameras shooting over 4K with incredible low-light sensitivity, full frame, uncompressed internal flash card recording, 5 axis-stabilization, and over 15 stops of dynamic range.  And it'll be pretty cheap to boot.
    Digital moves fast and we'll have those goodies before you know it.
    Those that concentrate on the craft rather than the tech will stand out from the numerous numerous people that will also own this gear.  As it has always been and and it will always be.
    It used to be that purchasing a superior camera got you into the realm of "pro" simply by ownership.  After all, six figures for a well lensed and rigged camera is serious business, and DOES have value.  However,  I really think that legacy of the industry will be more and more irrelevant.
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