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  1. I've been using the a6300 for over a month now and i really have mixed feelings about it. The goods are awesome (1080P 60P, very sharp 4K 24p) and the bad...mmm(rolling shutter and jelly effect is atrocious! the 120P in 1080p full of moire and aliasing, the overall ergonomic of the camera is not really good. But at the end of the day what really matters is/ the stories you tell with your camera. So here's a look at the first project shot entirely on the A6300+ 16-50 kit lens. mostly handled ~95%, and rarely on a mono-pod. USEDEM https://vimeo.com/167633861
  2. UPdate , just formated the card in exfat and reached 28xx frames. 1min 58s
  3. Here are the benchmarks from My 5D Mark III using magic lantern. 64GB 1067X   its weird but i can only go up to 1400 frame before it drops frame.
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